10 Existing MCU Characters That Could Be Revealed As Mutants

The season finale of Ms. Marvel finally teased the introduction of mutants in the MCU, A decision that fans of the original X-Men comics will either hate or love. For the future of the MCU, however, this reveal poses several exciting questions that could play a big role in upcoming movies and shows.

Marvel fans on the internet have already begun to theorize about which other MCU characters could have their origins changed in the same way that Kamala has. Whilst it seems likely that characters such as the X-Men will now be introduced, there will probably be other characters that relate to the MCU’s mutant storyline.



In the final episode of Ms. Marvel, it was revealed that Kamran also has powers similar to Kamala’s, which would suggest that he also has the mutant gene that Bruno discovered in Kamala at the end of the episode. If this is true, audiences can expect to see more of Kamran in the future.

As one of the main characters in Ms. Marvelthe next appearance of Kamran will probably come in a potential second season of the show – or even in the upcoming The Marvels, which Iman Vellani has already confirmed she will be starring in.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel as a Kree

Although Captain Marvel being a mutant would be a huge diversion from the character’s comic book backstory, it would certainly make for an interesting story in the MCU – and hopefully give Danvers the much-needed screentime that she’s been lacking recently.

When she was first introduced in Captain Marvel, Carol was set to be one of the MCU’s next big heroes – but her role in the franchise has been much smaller than anticipated recently. Having her be a mutant would be a great way of making the character important again.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Fights America in Doctor Strange 2

Wanda Maximoff’s involvement with the mutants and the X-Men in the comics has always been a complicated one, and when it was revealed that she would be joining the MCU back in Age of Ultron, many fans thought she would be the franchise’s gateway into this part of the comics.

Though this never actually came to pass, it seems more likely now that Wanda could be revealed as a mutant after all. Scarlet Witch is one of the many mutants that fans want in the MCUand including her character in the mutant storyline would be a good way of getting older fans invested.

America Chavez

Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

After her introduction in Multiverse of Madness, fans have been dying to see a little more of America Chavez and learn exactly how her powers work. The ability to travel the multiverse is undoubtedly one of the more unique superhero powers out there, but could it be a result of latent mutant genetics?

If the MCU is going to introduce mutants in a somewhat comic-accurate way, teenage characters like Chavez would be a great way to do it. She would just be discovering her powers – as seen in Multiverse of Madness – and need help from groups like the X-Men in order to control them.


Spider-Man Surprised During Spider-Man No Way Home

One popular theory suggests that the MCU’s Peter Parker may actually be a mutantthough it would be a huge plot twist for anybody who knows anything about mutants. The character traditionally gets his power through a radioactive spider, but his origin in the MCU technically wasn’t shown, though it has been referred to.

Perhaps the spider that bit Parker simply awoke his mutant gene, much like the bangles did for Kamala in the first episode of Ms. Marvel. This would also set up Parker’s future involvement in the MCU nicely, now that his original trilogy has been completed.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner looking up in Thor Ragnarok

The reveal that Bruce Banner has been a mutant all along would be a hugely surprising one, but it could actually make a lot of sense in the wider context of the MCU. Namely, it would explain his iconic line in Avengers: Endgame where he claims he “was made” to wield the power of the Infinity Stone – perhaps through his mutant gene, he actually was.

A latent mutant gene would also explain how Banner was able to survive the gamma explosion that definitely should have killed him. Hulk has been involved with many superhero teams in the comicsso it’s not too far-fetched to suggest that he’ll be involved with the X-Men in the MCU.


Ghost threatening Ant-Man in the movies.

The mutant reveal at the end of Ms. Marvel suggests that mutants are coming to the MCU, and they’ll probably be coming quickly. Many fans are theorizing that Quantumania, the upcoming Ant-Man sequel, will offer a little more insight into the MCU’s mutant system.

Ever since the character’s introduction, fans have theorized that Ava Starr is actually a mutant. She seemingly gained her powers from the quantum realm, but it’s possible that the quantum realm only served as a catalyst to unlocking her powers.

Janet Van Dyne

Michelle Pfeiffer As Young Janet Van Dyne MCU

If the quantum realm is revealed to be some kind of ‘genetic awakening’ for mutants, this would explain why Janet Van Dyne was given the ability to after heal her entrapment in the quantum realm. Perhaps some latent mutant genes were unlocked, and she simply tapped into her natural powers.

This revelation in Ant-Man 3 could drastically change the face of the MCU going forward, especially since the world would now have access to technology that can actively unlock mutant powers. If Lang and Pym manage to tap into this quantum technology, they could be responsible for giving all their mutants their powers.

Ned Leads

Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds in No Way Home

It would certainly be a big surprise for many MCU fans, but the idea of ​​Ned Leeds actually being a mutant was made much more likely by a certain reveal in No Way Home. After acquiring Strange’s sling ring, Ned was able to create a portal without any training to find alternate Peter Parkers.

It took strange years to master the sling ring, but Ned does it in No Way Home after simple a couple of attempts. Perhaps the rings acted as a catalyst for Ned to harness his mutant genes, which seemingly grant him powers of magic and sorcery.

Black Bolt

Doctor Strange 2: Black Bolt's Gruesome Death Explained By VFX Artist

After his very brief appearance in Multiverse of Madnessmany fans have been excited by the idea of Black Bolt returning to the MCU at some point in the future. In the comics, his powers come from Inhuman lineage – but the Ms. Marvel finale seems to suggest that the MCU is combining mutants and Inhumans in some way.

If the MCU is simply making mutants and Inhumans the same thing – or at least closely related – then Black Bolt could definitely be one of the most important mutants in the MCU. If he does exist in the main universe, this dramatic mutant reveal could be a fun way of introducing the character.

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