7 fantastic LGBTQ+ series on Hulu you won’t want to miss

After over two years of emotional turmo caused by a global pandemic, it’s difficult not to get excited about the things we—one of those being Pride. Sure, people celebrated Pride in 2021, but it wasn’t the same, with many events being shuffled around, and some even canceled outright. With Pride back in full swing, is there a better way to celebrate than by watching some of the best series with LGBTQ+ themes and representation? Fortunately, streaming services like Hulu are leaning into LGBTQ+ themes and shows in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, so let’s have a look at what you can catch on Hulu to put a bow on your Pride month celebrations.



1. The Bisexual

Upon realizing that she is also attracted to men, Leila ends her stable, long-term relationship with her partner, Sadie to explore her own sexuality by dating men for a change. After splitting with Sadie, Leila becomes housemates with a very straight and somewhat socially awkward Gabe. The duo goes on to help each other—Gabe helping Leila as a wingman of sorts, while Leila tries to help Gabe decipher a confusing relationship he may or may not be having with a student at the university where he teaches.

The Bisexual is an honest look at relationships, love, loss, and sexual exploration that tends towards dry humor to lighten up what could otherwise be very heavy topics. The first season of The Bisexual is availble on Hulu.

2. Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a comedy that explores the social and emotional fallout resulting from a breakup between two of its core members. The show isn’t particularly deep, but it explores loss, friendship, family, and growth. One of the core cast, Max Blum (Adam Pally) is a young, gay man that breaks just about every stereotype found in modern media by being a brash, sarcastic, man’s man—often in stark contrast to his better-groomed, straight cohorts . Though Max’s atypical cartooning is often played for laughs, it is still refreshing to see a gay man portrayed as something other than a flamboyant gossip on mainstream TV.

Described by Vox’s Tanya Pal as “a traditional sitcom hopped up on illegal Mexican cough syrup,” Happy Endings is a great weekend binge. You can watch all three seasons of Happy Endings on Hulu.

3. Steven Universe

Steven Universe is an animated series about a young boy born to a human father and a mother belonging to a species called the Crystal Gems—individuals who have sworn to use their super-human abilities to protect planet Earth. The animated series follows Steven as he grows in his late childhood, discovering and mastering his own abilities while learning what it means to be part of the Crystal Gems.

Steven Universe is very much aimed at children, though it has amassed quite a large fanbase due to not only its inclusion of queer themes like same-sex relationships and gender identity, but also because of how the show handles topics like consent, relationships, love, and trauma. There are seven seasons of Steven Universe on Hulu for you to indulge in.

4. Love, Victor

Love, Victor is a spinoff of Love, Simon, the first major Hollywood film to focus on gay teenage relationships. The Hulu sereies is a teen coming-of-age drama about family, self-discovery, identity, and fitting in. Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) is a teenage boy from a half Puerto Rican, half Colombian-American family living in Atlanta. Victor simultaneously wrestles with his sexual orientation, struggles at home, and adapting to life at his new school.

Love, Victor received high praise for its realistic portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters and the real struggles they face with family, religion, and social acceptance. The first two seasons of Love, Victor are streaming on Hulu now. The third and final season premieres on June 15.

5. Motherland: Fort Salem

Motherland: Fort Salem is a supernatural drama that asks not only “What if witches were real?” but also “What if those witches survived the Salem witch trials in the 1690s?” The series follows Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson), a young gay witch conscripted into the United States Army. Throughout the series, Raelle grapples with her identity and acceptance from her peers as a result of her father’s human heritage. The colorful characters in Motherland: Fort Salem Feature a strong female cast, and aside from the interpersonal drama and the violent backdrop of war, the series sees these characters deal with loss, trauma, love, and growth. There are two seasons of Motherland: Fort Salem on Hulu for you to enjoy.

6. Please Like Me

Please Like Me is Josh Thomas’s brilliant comedy-drama series. In it, a young man named Josh comes to the realization that he is gay after his first adult girlfriend dumps him…because she suspects he is gay. Please Like Me uses humor and drama to tactfully address topics like sexuality, homophobia, suicide, and regret in a very honest way. You can watch all four seasons of Please Like Me on Hulu.

7. Pose

Pose is a groundbreaking series that features the largest ever transgender cast in returning roles, as well as the largest ever recurring LGBTQ+ cast in a series. Pose shines a spotlight on New York’s African-American and Latino ball culture and LGBTQ+ subculture in the 1980s and 1990s. In a time when it wasn’t uncommon for families to disown queer relatives and children, queer people flock together and form Houses as a sort of adopted family where they could take care of one-another. Blanca is the mother of a newly-formed house, and she is determined to take care of her chosen family. Parts of the series are decidedly whimsical and fun, but Pose It also depicts more serious themes like sexuality, love, and family, and carefully addresses darker issues like the AIDS pandemic and the dangers of sex work. You can catch all three seasons of Pose on Hulu.

Celebrating representation

It’s refreshing to finally have representation and recognition of LGBTQ+ themes and characters in media, bringing diversity to an otherwise stale film and TV landscape. In addition to Hulu Netflix has an incredible selection of LGBTQ+ films. Many of our favorite movies by queer filmmakers are on other streaming platforms like Mubi and HBO Max.

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