8 Tolkien Book Characters We Hope To See

By now, it’s clear that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will be primarily focusing on original characters in familiar settings–Bronwyn, Adar, etc.–but plenty of canonical characters like Elrond, Gil-Galad, and Celebrimbor reportedly have large roles. This gives Tolkien fans hope that some of the books’ numerous smaller roles might show up here or there. There are so many great, fascinating characters in Tolkien’s legendarium that deserve a moment of recognition.

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From kings of old and lost musicians to loyal captains and adventurers, Tolkien created plenty of characters with amazing stories who would add a lot to a series.



The wise wizard, Gandalf the Gray (or the White), certainly has a chance at showing up just in the nick of time. As one of the Valar’s helpers, and an instrumental figure in Middle-earth during Sauron’s time, it seems reasonable to assume that he may appear for an episode or two to lend the peoples of Middle-earth a hand at fighting off the Dark Lord. In the book, he took on the form of an old man, and it would be interesting to see the show’s interpretation of the Maiar’s forms before arriving in Middle-Earth.

A new scene in the recently-released trailer gives this theory at least a bit of credibility. While it could certainly be someone like Glorfindel or maybe even a dragon, the blazing comet of fire that shoots across the sky and lands with an explosive flare of gold definitely seems to be something otherworldly.


Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power‘s new trailer has shown a blink-and-you-miss-it scene flashing over the screen of a group of Elves raising their swords together in what is speculated to be a rendition of the famed Oath of Fëanor, which he and his sons swore together at the beginning of the First Age of Middle-Earth.

If the show does show Fëanor’s seven sons (or even the one still alive at the time of The Rings of Power), it would be expected that Fëanor himself will be shown–or at least mentioned.

Tom Bombadil

As JRR Tolkien’s most enigmatic and unpredictable character, Tom Bombadil offers show-writers plenty of lee-way. Tolkien never went into his backstory with any satisfactory depth, though he describes him as a being unlike Men, Elves, or Hobbits, having existed since before the Elves awoke before the Sun or the Moon was created.

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Although in the books, he actively refuses to have anything to do with the One Ring, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Harfoots, on their adventure, may come across him and his wife, Goldberry, in a manner similar to how Frodo and his fellow Hobbits stumbled across them–as a friendly pair ready with food and rest for weary travelers.


Glorfindel has only a small role in the books as the Elvish rider from Rivendell who assisted Frodo in reach the haven after being attacked by a Ringwraith. However, his backstory as a captain of the fallen city of Gondolin, who was reborn in Middle-earth for the sole purpose of helping them through the oncoming war with Sauron.

Since he served such an important role in defending Rivendell in the Third Age, it would be great to see Glorfindel finally given some characterization in this screen adaptation that he didn’t get in the films.


As Numenorean ruler Tar-Miriel is confirmed to be played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson in the series already, her husband and the last Numenorean king, Ar-Pharazon, is almost sure to be just as important a character. Played by Trystan GravelleAr-Pharazon was the ambitious and over-reaching king whose pride led to the destruction of Numenor. Eventually, this resulted in the formation of the Gondorian kingdom, made up of exiles from the destroyed island kingdom.

It will be difficult to imagine The Rings of Power Happening without showing Ar-Pharazon’s impact on the world, so all fans have to wonder about is how his journey to power will be portrayed.


Eärendil is given a mention in The Fellowship of the Ring As the Elves’ brightest star, but that might lead some movie fans to think that’s all the star is. In fact, Tolkien’s Silmarillion reveals that Eärendil is actually the name of the Elf that pilots one of the last remaining Silmarils across the sky, a symbol of hope to everyone down below.

Eärendil is known for plenty of great deeds: the slaying of a dragon, his risky voyage to the forbidden land of Valinor, and a great heritage as one of the last descendants of the Elves’ Noldorin royal line. His sons Elrond and Elros respectively became a wise healer and commander, and the first king of Numenor.


With all of the First Age-relevant scenes The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power It seems to be showing interested fans so far, it isn’t too unlikely that characters like the Doriathrin king Thingol might appear.

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He was instrumental in some of the greatest stories in Middle-Earth–Beren and Luthien’s love story and Turin Turambar’s tragic fate come immediately to mind–and he provides the opportunity to show off another aspect of the show’s budget with his Halls of Menegroth, a palace said to be one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the world.

Any of the Valar

The ancient deity-like figures that assisted in creating the world would be hard to portray on screen. Vaguely based on gods from Nordic mythology, Tolkien’s life-long passion, the Valar are rarely straightforwardly described, more associated with their nature jurisdictions than any physical features.

Though most of the beings in Middle-Earth are separated from them and doubt their existence, the Valar crop up sometimes to prove they are, in fact, real–they sent Gandalf, Saruman, and Glorfindel to Middle-Earth, and when Ar- Pharazon dared to attempt to conquer the Valar’s land, Valinor, they destroyed Numenor.

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