‘A Brush with Love’ is romantic tale

A meet-cute, quirky characters and heated passion are necessary elements of a romance novel. “A Brush with Love” by Bay Village native Mazey Eddings brings more.

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It takes place at a (fictional) dental school in Philadelphia, where Harper Horowitz is a senior waiting to hear which residency program she has been accepted into. On a miserable December day, Harper comes in from the freezing rain to attend a lecture and slips on the wet floor, falling down a flight of stairs onto a young man.


His name is Dan, and he’s not at all bothered by being knocked down by Harper. He is, however, dismayed that the dental mold he was holding has smashed on the floor. She knows they are among the most difficult projects for students and offers to help him make a new one. This calls for vulgar comments from friends on both sides.

Eddings layers on the sexual tension, and Dan immediately asks Harper for a date. He walks her home. So far, so good. Dan is struggling in school; he didn’t want to be a dentist in the first place but his parents expected them to take over their practice. When Dan began a successful career in finance his father called him “a stain on the family,” and now that his father is dead his mother is layering on the guilt.

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