A quick guide to over 50s insurance

What is over 50s insurance?

Over 50s protection is an extra security item which pays out a tax-exempt measure of cash on death. As the name proposes, you can purchase this item in the event that you’re more seasoned than 50, and generally more youthful than 85 (albeit this changes by back up plan).


This item is ensured to pay out, and you and your family have unlimited oversight around how the cash is utilized. You might conclude that you’d like the protection payout to assist with taking care of the expenses of your burial service, or maybe to pass on a gift to a friend or family member or even a foundation.

Who needs over 50s insurance?

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Albeit the payout can be utilized for any reason, over 50s protection is an ideal item for the individuals who need to take care of the expenses related with passing on. Unfortunately, and shockingly, these expenses can mount up, and in 2018 the normal expense of kicking the bucket was determined to be over £9,000 [1]. Over 50s protection can be utilized to take care of these expenses, so your family doesn’t have to stress over the funds and can zero in on the more significant things.

Over 50s protection is likewise a helpful item in the event that you experience the ill effects of any ailments. This is on the grounds that back up plans pose no wellbeing or clinical inquiries when you purchase these items, they call them ‘ensured acknowledgment’, since you’re destined to be covered. Certain individuals who have medical issue find that they battle to get different kinds of protection like life coverage or basic disease protection, and that is where over 50s protection offers an extraordinary other option.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a fast and simple cycle to purchase extra security, then, at that point, an over 50s item may be an ideal one for you. You can frequently purchase over 50s disaster protection online in only a couple of moments, just in light of the fact that the back up plan doesn’t have to gather a lot of wellbeing data from you.

There are numerous up-sides of over 50s insurance, however there are a couple of things you ought to consider prior to getting one of these contracts.

What should I think about before buying over 50s insurance?


Over 50s insurance can be somewhat costly and is much of the time no less than twofold the cost of a standard disaster protection contract, for a similar measure of cover. This is on the grounds that guarantors know nothing about your wellbeing, so don’t have any idea when you are probably going to pass on. They increment the costs that they charge on over 50s protection due to this expanded gamble.

Your health

Regardless of whether you experience the ill effects of medical issue, it’s generally worth researching whether you can get a standard life coverage item for under an over 50s item. The standard life coverage item will ask you clinical and wellbeing inquiries, and assuming you experience the ill effects of any sicknesses you might see your top notch increment, however you could observe that the standard protection is as yet less expensive than over 50s protection.


At the point when you purchase an over 50s insurance contract you need to settle on a decent degree of cover, which is the sum that will be paid out on your passing. In the event that you’d like the protection to pay for your memorial service you might find that the payout is lower than the expense of your memorial service, as memorial service costs are increasing at a stunning rate, with very nearly a 60% expansion over the most recent 10 years or somewhere in the vicinity

The amount of cover you need

Over 50s protection just permits you to take up to a specific degree of cover, ordinarily around £25,000. You can frequently take out far higher measures of insurance on the off chance that you buy a standard disaster protection contract. The lower cover limit on over 50s protection may not be an issue assuming you’re seeking pay for your burial service, yet you could find that you want more cover to take care of more elevated levels of obligation.

Likewise, in light of the fact that over 50s insurance can be costly, you may really wind up paying more in expenses than you get back from the contract on death. This is on the grounds that you pay high charges over a possibly significant stretch of time, for a somewhat low measure of cover.

What are the best over 50s insurance companies in the UK?

There are a colossal number of insurance agency in the UK who offer over 50s items. Allow us to do the truly difficult work and track down the best one for you. We work with all of the top UK guarantors and, in view of you and your necessities, we’ll track down the best over 50s protection item for you – at the right cost

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