Addison Rae’s dad Monty Lopez not sorry for alleged affair: ex

The woman scorned by Addison Rae’s father doesn’t believe he is sorry for claiming misleading her into an affair.

“He doesn’t seem remorseful. His response to all of the other girls and myself was an Instagram Story with the viral sound, ‘Am I the villain?’” Renée Ash tells Page Six exclusively of Monty Lopez.

Lopez, 46, later shared Ash’s July 7 interview with us on his Instagram page without context, she notes.

“He also posted the original article on his Story, almost boasting about it?” Ash, 25, says. “Maybe that’s his way of coping through this. I’m not sure.”

Lopez did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

He was previously exposed for allegedly coercing Ash into a five-month relationship under the guise that his marriage to Sheri Nicole Easterling was over when it was not.

“Unfortunately, he misled me on his marriage, he lied to me,” Ash told us last week. “He told me that we were going to be together and have babies together.”

Renée Ash posing in a tan leather blazer and black sunglasses with her arms crossed.
Renée Ash doesn’t believe Addison Rae’s dad, Monty Lopez, is sorry for their alleged affair.

Screenshots of alleged text messages and WhatsApp exchanges obtained by Page Six illustrated the promises Lopez allegedly made to the young Los Angeles resident about their future. Lopez allegedly bragged that he and Ash were a “power couple,” according to several screenshots, and planned to move in with her, get married and start a family.

“He even introduced me to his mom, his youngest brother, and I thought we had something real,” she elaborated to us. “He told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were apart and in the process of getting a divorce.”

In a 2020 interview with SeventeenRae, now 21, revealed that her parents — who tied the knot for the first time in 2004 — frequently split up throughout her childhood before eventually remarrying in 2017.

Monty Lopez walking down a street in Los Angeles.
“He told me that we were going to be together and have babies together,” Ash previously claimed to Page Six.
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Neither Lopez or Easterling, 42, have filed for a second divorce, though the latter party has since updated her Instagram bio to read “single mom.”

Meanwhile, Lopez’s bio still states that he is a “husband” to Easterling and “father” to Rae — even though both women have notably unfollowed him.

Asked about Easterling’s social media switch, Ash tells Page Six that it “makes my stomach turn, even though I’ve been told that’s the case this whole time.”

Monty Lopez, Sheri Nicole Easterling, Addison Rae and Enzo Lopez at an event.
Lopez and wife Sheri Nicole Easterling share kids Addison Rae, 21, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8 (not pictured here).
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Lopez lives in LA — as does his famous daughter, though separately — while Easterling resides in the family’s native Louisiana with the couple’s sons, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8.

Ash, who allegedly experienced a pregnancy scare with Lopez, has expressed regret over any pain she may have caused Easterling and her children.

“There’s not much else I can say besides I’m sorry for believing his lies,” she tells us, imagining what more she would say to Easterling and Rae if given the chance to chat with the mother-daughter duo.

“Best case scenario, we could bond over how horribly this man had treated everyone.”

Monty Lopez kissing the side of Renée Ash's head.
Ash and Lopez allegedly began dating in March after meeting through a mutual friend.
Page Six

Ash alleged that she called it quits with Lopez last week after several girls accused him of hitting on them in person and even over FaceTime.

The final straw, she said, was leaked footage of Lopez allegedly caressing a female’s backside during a night out at a bar.

The viral clip — which has since been deleted by TikTok user @marlig_ — sees a young blonde claim, “Addison Rae’s dad is trying to f—k me, I swear to God” before a man who resembles Lopez touches her rear end.

“If anybody was hurting, it was me and his family. I am beyond sorry for that,” Ash, who claims she began dating Lopez in March after meeting him through a mutual friend, told us.

“I loved him and I believed him. When I found out about the other young girls, my heart broke.”

Renee Ash taking a selfie in a mirror.
Ash told Page Six her “heart broke” after learning of Lopez’s alleged indiscretions with other young women.

Since sharing her story, Ash says she has been hit with an influx of hate on social media — including death threats.

“Honestly, I’ve tried to not look as much as I can,” she says. “People are placing the entirety of the situation on me in a very malicious, angry way.”

However, Ash points out that she is grateful to connect with a portion of women who have felt empowered by her decision to speak out.

“These are the people who are helping me through and not listen to the haters,” she explains.

Renée Ash posing in a bikini.
Despite the hate she’s received online, Ash tells us some women have “thanked” her for speaking out.

“Others have thanked me for being open about this because they have been in a similar situation and wish they had a platform to speak out. There are a lot of good people out there.”

The support comes in tandem with Ash rejecting Lopez’s alleged attempts at communication. She has been purposefully ignoring his phone calls post-breakup, she says — and will be leaving other potential suitors on read for the time being.

“I don’t want to be near a man for quite some time,” she says with a laugh. “But, no, when I’m ready and meet someone great, I am going to have to take things really slow. Most importantly, not someone who claims they’re not married. And I will be on the lookout for erratic texts and extravagant promises.”

Monty Lopez and Addison Rae hugging.
Lopez rose to fame alongside social media superstar daughter Rae.

Lopez — who rose to fame alongside Rae and has amassed 5.4 million TikTok followers of his own — was spotted hanging out with two young women At a Hollywood In-N-Out one day before Page Six revealed his alleged affair.

To any women the middle-aged influencer tries to get with down the line, Ash advises, “Run.”


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