Allison’s Luther Scene Was Gross, But Lila’s Trick Was Just As Bad

Lila’s deception of Diego draws comparisons to Allison’s infamous Luther scene showing family manipulation is at the forefront of Umbrella Academy S3.

Despite Allison’s infamous assault of Luther scene Being one of the most criticized moments of The Umbrella Academy season 3, what Lila did to Diego was just as bad. Both actions were deplorable and representative of the traumas the adopted children have gone through. It is no secret that the family dynamics in the show are less than ideal, causing many of the characters to straddle the line between good and evil.

Lila’s history is littered with deception. Her adoptive mother, The Handler, exploited her for decades, using her as a soldier for the Commission. The Handler even had Number Five kill her parents while telling Lila that her parents were killed during a home invasion. Even the genesis of Lila’s relationship with Diego in The Umbrella Academy was built on mistrust. She was planted in a psychiatric facility to get close to him to infiltrate the Umbrellas and get near Five. Given what she has been through, it’s no surprise the lengths she would go to test Diego’s worthiness for Lila’s big secret that she was pregnant.


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What is interesting about Lila’s and Allison’s actions is that they faced almost no consequences for their them. Despite Allison using her powers to force Luther to kiss her, she is not reprimanded in any way for what is sexual assault. In fact, Allison ends up getting the ending she wants, reuniting with her husband and daughter. Similarly, Lila deceives Diego for most of the season that Stanley is their child and the son he never knew about. It’s a lie attached to a truth: while Stanley isn’t theirs, but the kid of a friend, Lila really is pregnant. However, instead of just telling Diego, she first tested him with the Stanley lie to see how he’d handle being a father. Yet, she also gets a happy ending when they leave to start a “normal” life at the end of The Umbrella Academy season 3 finale.

Why Umbrella Academy Season 3 Is Obsessed With Family Manipulation

Allison and Reginald Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy season 3

Lila and Allison aren’t the only culprits of manipulation in The Umbrella Academy season 3. From Sparrow Academy’s Ben using underhanded tactics to become the team’s Number One to the Sparrows’ drugging of Reginald to keep him docile, the season is filled with manipulation between family members. The source of this generally unhealthy dynamic can be traced back to Umbrella Academy‘s Reginald Hargreeves, who’s been pulling strings since season 1. Reginald has shown himself to be ruthless in obtaining his goals, manipulating his adopted children at every turn. When it seems like he may be having a breakthrough, showing genuine care for them, it is always revealed to be a calculated plan. He was willing to sacrifice Luther without hesitance, despite making a heartfelt speech at his wedding not long before.

While Lila was not raised alongside the Hargreeves children, The Handler showed she could be just as detestable as Reginald. Her exploitation of Lila is not unlike the way Reginald treated his children. Lila was even killed by her mother, potentially severing her ability to trust in others willingly. This undoubtedly led to her unfortunate deception of Diego. Lila’s actions are not justified, but there does seem to be room for redemption in The Umbrella Academy season 4. It doesn’t seem this will be the case for Allison, who became more of a villain in The Umbrella Academy season 3.

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