Austin author part of Disney universe writing Frozen books for kids

Austin children's author Mari Mancusi is a longtime fan of Disney and

In November of 2013, Austin’s Mari Mancusi took her preschooler to see the newest Disney movie to hit screens.

Millions of people plunged into the world of “Frozen” along with them. But for Mancusi, who’s written more than 30 books for young readers, the moment became a springboard into a different avenue of publishing.

On July 19, she and co-author Jen Calonita unveil “Frozen: Polar Nights: Cast Into Darkness” (Disney, $15.99), Mancusi’s second title in the “Frozen” universe. The pair will discuss the book July 20, virtually via BookPeople.

Writing a novel like “Polar Nights” isn’t simply penning a story featuring famous characters. It’s part of a publishing system known as intellectual property, or IP for short. An author writing IP gets hired by the company that owns the rights to the characters to write a specific story featuring those characters.

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