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‘Bachelorette’ contestant storms back in after being kicked out

On Monday night, the first rose ceremony of the season got off to a very rocky start as one overly-confident contestant named Chris Austin found himself in an uncomfortable confrontation with both and .

Earlier in the episode, Chris told the guys that he fully intends on making it to the final four, but that when he gets to the Fantasy Suites, he’s not down for the he’s interested in to sleep with anyone else… and he wouldn ‘t tell her about his ultimatum beforehand.

The men, and both Gabby and Rachel, thought it was very presumptuous and way too early for Chris to be talking about Fantasy Suites, especially since they were only four days into filming.

“I don’t even know why sex is being brought up,” said Rachel. “I can’t believe this is happening. When I came into this, I didn’t want to look like a girl that just got brought to Fantasy Suites and, you know, almost sexualized in a way. To hear that being brought up before I have a conversation with someone is truly almost my biggest fear.”

“The fact that Chris is already discussing ultimatums to try to take control of our journey, it just is extremely upsetting, and it’s not how I wanted this night to go,” said Rachel before pulling Gabby to the side to explain the situation.

“I’m pretty shocked,” said Gabby. “I haven’t even had one conversation with Chris, so for him to already be talking about Fantasy Suites is actually, it’s, like, entirely ridiculous. It seems very controlling and I think it’s disrespectful of our journey and our process.”

The ladies decided to give Chris an opportunity to tell his side of the story. However, the confrontation didn’t go over so well, but Bachelor Nation loved the drama.

Gabby wasted no time, as she cut to the chase asking Chris, “So do you feel it’s appropriate to be talking about Fantasy Suites this early?”

Chris explained, “I think it’s an appropriate thought because the reality is if I were gonna be able to find love, I tend to think all the way through ’til the end and then be able to work it backwards from there. So that would be my response.”

While Gabby understood that Chris was thinking far in advance, she also believed that his “calculated thoughts” about the Fantasy Suites were inappropriate. However, as the conversation continued, Rachel began to get fed up with Chris and ultimately cut off his excuses, as she stated, “I really do feel like right now, you could take the opportunity to maybe apologize and own up to what happened.” But instead, I still feel as if you’re being condescending towards us. I feel like you’re dancing around the issue.”

Gabby added, “We can help make this decision at this point. I don’t want anyone to be thinking about Fantasy Suites. It’s so early. We don’t even know if we have a connection. And it sounds like you have pretty So to not even put you in that place, I do think it would be time for you to go.”

Ultimately, the ladies sent Chris packing and immediately walked him out. However, after quite possibly the most uncomfortable exit, Chris snuck back into the mansion, thus triggering Bachelor Nation’s PTSD from the time Luke P. refused to go home on Hannah Brown’s season circa 2019.

Rachel and Gabby had to kick Chris out a second time, but the two were glad to see him go as they were relieved they were able to get rid of him sooner rather than later.

“What Chris did not show any qualities of what I want in a partner. The fact that he just thought he could do whatever he wants, I don’t know if it’s ’cause Gabby and I are women, but it’s our decision, and we told you to leave,” shared Rachel.

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