Britney Subtly Dragged Cops In Her Instagram Rant

“ACAB stands for All Cops Afraid of Britney.”

First and foremost, I can’t say it enough! Congratulations to Britney and Sam! As straight people love to say, “love wins.”

That said, Britney took to Instagram for one of her most cohesive rants yet, this time against her brother, Bryan.

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You see, it was rumored that Bryan was the only Spears family member invited to Britney’s wedding.

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He wasn’t.

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His girlfriend even had the audacity to say that he couldn’t attend because of his daughter’s graduation.

This also apparently wasn’t true.

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In a since-deleted IG post, Britney said he was never invited:

She criticizes Bryan’s treatment of her during her Vegas residency.

“I know you’re my blood, and yes blood runs deep, but no family of mine would do what you guys did to me…” she says.

She ultimately confirmed: “You were never invited to my wedding.”

FWIW, here’s the “Britdependence Day” Instagram post she calls him out for:

And here’s the podcast he appeared on in 2020 that she also calls him out for:

He also acknowledged Britney wants the conservatorship to end but questions her decision because…….who will call and make her a reservation at places???

As Not Seen On TV

But I digress, this post is not about her shitty family.

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This is about a little excerpt that is gaining traction among her fans.

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It’s this one, where Britney compares her controlling power-hungry father to cops:

“I’m sorry but cops are kind of the EXACT the same way.”

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“Just because they wear a star on their shirt every day they think that gives them the opportunity to bully people.”

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This little section caught the attention of many fans in the community.

Britney Spears going on a rant on Instagram just to deny reports that she invited her brother to her wedding, then adding in a little dig against the police 🥹 I love her so much.

Twitter: @britneyacademic

As this fan said, “Britney taking a little time out of calling her dad out to talk shit about cops. She’s just like me.”

Britney taking a little time out of calling her dad out to talk shit about cops. She’s just like me

Twitter: @cyennaaaa

Ultimately, I think this tweet sums it up best:

Only Britney could open the notes app and type “Madonna fell 3 times at my party lol” and “fuck the cops and the police” in the same breath I will never not stan this woman

Twitter: @IsaacCon2a

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