Build or Buy These Book Nooks To Brighten Up Your Bookshelves

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If you’ve clicked on this post, odds are you’re already familiar with book nooks, but just in case you’re not, I’ll fill you in. A book nook is a small scene or world that you can insert into a bookshelf. It can convey a beloved scene from a book, a favorite character, or a whimsical setting. What makes it so delightful is that it’s nestled in between your books!

I first learned about these cute little worlds when my friend showed me her adorable book nooks that took her weeks to make. She enjoyed cutting and measuring each piece and assembling them into a lovely scene, but that attention to detail is not for everyone. And it doesn’t have to be either! If you’re not too crafty, but want to add a cute touch to your bookshelf, you can purchase a book nook.

When it comes to pricing, it depends on your level of involvement. Expect to pay the most for fully completed book nooks. For all those details from intricate windows to little books, you can easily pay $100+. If that’s not within your budget, you can buy a kit! Some book nook kits provide instructions and all the wooden and acrylic parts while others send you some pieces, but require you to purchase your own tools.

For this post, I’m going to include both completed book nooks that are ready for you to put on your shelves and some nice kits for you to spend time assembling after work. Of course, I’ve provided some that illustrate a few favorite books, but there are others that simply capture a pretty street or dark hidden library. Whatever you fancy, I hope you find a few that you can picture in your own space. Without further ado, let’s see the wonderful bookish delights you can place between your books.

dracula book nook

Bring some gothic vibes to your bookshelf with this Dracula Castle Book Nook DIY Kit. In this kit, you get the parts and instructions. $85 for digital instructions and $89 for paper instructions.

little mermaid book nook

Create a whole new world with this Little Mermaid Book Nook DIY Kit. I love how this book nook depicts the underwater and above water portion. $89 for digital instructions and $93 for digital.

crime scene book nook

For lovers of murder mysteries and crime podcasts, decorate your shelf with a crime scene. Get the kit for $90.

magic alley book nook

Allow this magic alley to grace your bookshelves. 4 options are available! There is the DIY kit ($63), DIY kit with LED ($74), ready not painted ($190), and ready painted ($269).

island of love book nook

Transport you and your books to the island of love with this whimsical street. This kit has all the major pieces, but it’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools), so you’ll need your own glue, batteries, knife, and tweezers. $75

Narnia lampost book nook

Kick the magic up a notch with this Narnia lamp post book nook! This one also has four options. DIY kit ($69), DIY kit with LED ($78), ready not painted ($179), and ready painted ($253).

ratatouille book nook

Here’s a book nook perfect for any little chef or little reader. Nestle this ratatouille book nook between your cook books. Five options available! DIY kit ($69), DIY kit with LED ($78), DIY kit LED + Box ($106), ready not painted ($190), and ready painted ($253).

jurassic park book nook

Whether you like the movie or the book (or both), this Jurassic Park book nook can bring a little dinosaur love to your bookshelf. $392

forest book nook

Are all these buildings and streets not suiting your fancy? You can embrace some nature on your bookshelf with this forest book nook. $140

wizard duel book nook

What better way to finish this list than with an epic duel? You can get this kit for $85 (digital instructions) or $89 (paper instructions).

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