Captain America’s Hidden Tragedy is Exposed in Official Tribute Art

Peach Momoko’s upcoming variant covers for both Captain America series portraying a hint at a tragedy destined for those bearing the star-spangled mantle.

Some stunning variant covers for two Captain America books hint at a misfortune destined for the iconic heroes. Peach Momoko’s art shows both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson looking quite solemn, possibly indicating a tragic fate awaits those in their line of work.

Patriotic Steve Rogers wanted nothing more than to serve his country during WWII, but as a 4F reject and a scrawny weakling, he never had the chance. That is, until he was selected to be part of a secret program to create a new kind of warrior. Thanks to vita rays and a dose of Super Soldier serum, Rogers became Captain America and was able to proudly fight while wearing the red, white and blue. But Cap’s initial tour would come to an early end when Rogers had to crash an experimental drone in the ocean, putting him on ice for decades.


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Captain America’s tragic backstory is getting highlighted in a new series of truly awesome variant covers by artist Peach Momoko. Crafted for the second issues of Captain America: Symbol of Truth and Captain America: Sentinel of Libertythe covers show the star of each book in a dramatic, if not haunting tableau. Captain America Steve Rogers appears to be trapped underwater, the bed of seaweed surrounding and embracing him. There’s also a bit of what appears to be frost, another coy reference to the time Rogers spent in suspended animation. Sam Wilson’s Captain America cover is quite similar to Rogers’, though there’s more of a feather motif going on with his. The feathers appear to be in various states of disarray and Sam, like Rogers, bears a sorrowful visage.

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty Peach Momoko Cover Marvel Comics

Captain America Symbol of Truth Peach Momoko Cover Marvel Comics

Steve and Sam sharing such somber covers shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Since he’s ditched his identity as Falcon, the duties of Captain America are Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers’ to bear. So for all the highs that comes with being Marvel’s number one defender of justice and liberty, so come the lows. Momoko’s covers, however brilliantly composed, seem to suggest that the careers for those who take up the shield can only end in one way.

As a solider, Steve is prepared to give up everything, including his life, in order to make the world a safer place. His diverting of a drone into the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean showed that Rogers’ understands sacrifice is sometimes a part of the job. The new Captain America, Sam Wilson, has worked alongside his friend for years, but now that they’re sharing the title, it stands to reason they must also share Captain America’s ultimate responsibility. Peach Momoko’s covers more than likely aren’t hinting that Sam will have to make a choice similar to Steve’s. But the covers do illustrate that both men have a heavy burden on their shoulders, and that as Captain Americathey may be called to do what’s necessary to save the world.

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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2 will be released on July 6th, 2022, and Captain America: Symbol of Truth #2 will be released on July 13th, 2022 by Marvel Comics.

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