Celebrate Christmas and New Year with Home Insurance

Jingle bells are chiming, carols are being sung, candles are being lit and Santa has hopped on his sleigh. Christmas is almost here and so is New Year. If you are planning to buy something special this time, then there could be nothing better than gifting HOME INSURANCE to yourself.


Owning a home is a dream every Indian wants to fulfill and with time, savings and home loans, many are able to realize it. Sometimes financial institutions ask home loan applicants to take a home insurance policy too for their property. Even if you have repaid the loan or bought a house paying the entire amount without taking a loan, then also buying home insurance is a smart move. People may see home insurance as an unnecessary expense, but in reality, it is an investment towards the protection of your home. This Christmas, along with decorating the Christmas tree, also buy a protective cover that will safeguard your home and its contents from any damage due to man-made or natural causes.

Why home insurance is important?

India’s geographical diversity is just beautiful but because of its diverse climatic regions, people also have to face nature’s fury. Those living near the coasts are always in danger of getting struck by cyclones and tsunamis. Those who reside in hilly areas often encounter landslides. Those living near rivers find their homes flooded during monsoons and earthquakes can take a massive toll on lives and property anywhere. Apart from these natural disasters, there are man-made disasters like a fire caused by a minor short circuit that can lead to huge destruction. Then there is also the threat of theft, robbery, riots, strikes, etc. Considering these potential risks, it becomes pertinent to have adequate cover for assets and home. If you have a valuable insurance plan, you will have little financial stress in case of any mishap.

Coverage of home insurance

Home insurance policies usually cover the damages done to the structure of your home i.e. a huge chunk of your expenses related to repairing or rebuilding your home will be taken care of in case of damage. Therefore, it is important to buy home insurance with adequate cover as the sum insured should be sufficient to rebuild the house. Then insurances also takes care of the personal belongings of the owner like furniture, clothes, household equipment, etc. Some insurance policies also cover luxury items like jewelry, artworks, and silverware but to a certain limit only.

The cost of the policy generally depends on what all you want to protect. Premium also differs based on past claims and location. The insurance provider usually covers cost of reconstruction for your home structure. However, there are policies such as HDFC ERGO’s Home Shield that cover your home structure on Agreed value or its current market value. Your home belongings are evaluated on their cost of replacement basis.. There are several inclusions and exclusions in the claim that one must first learn about before buying the insurance by reading the policy wordings. We, at HDFC ERGO, provide long and short-term policies and provide hefty discounts on policy renewals.

Experts always suggest homeowners buy a home insurance policy as houses can get destroyed easily and rebuilding them isn’t a cakewalk. If you are out on a vacation this festive season, you need not stress about the valuables at home because your home is insured in case of any theft, burglary or fire. You can live and travel without worries knowing that if your home or belongings are ever in danger, there is a shield to protect them for you. Make your Christmas merrier with home insurance! 

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

This blog has been written by

Kavita Ganesh | AVP HDFC ERGO

With over 10 years of work experience in Health, Accident & Travel Insurance in underwriting, claims, analytics, product development and project management, Kavita Ganesh is deeply intrested in simplying insurance for consumers. Right from improving end consumer’s experience while browing through policies to simplying systems in the field of travel insurance, she’s excelled the art of implementing convenience for customers while buying travel insurance.

Dr. Kavita Ganesh recommends buying Travel Insurance for all the international trips that you take to ensure you have a hassle free trip while you are abroad. With 8 lacs+ cashless network hospitals across the world, she believes in HDFC ERGO’s quick claim settlement systems.

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