Celebs From Matthew McConaughey To James Van Der Beek Have Left Hollywood. Why Modern Family’s Ariel Winter Continued The Trend

It used to be common for major actors to live in Hollywood or its sister acting city New York, but over the past several years a slew of celebrities have shifted away from that mindset, leaving Tinseltown. The list of celebrities no longer calling Los Angeles home is varied, from Marvel stars like Chris Hemsworth to a-listers like Matthew McConaughey and even famous TV personalities like James Van Der Beek. Now, Modern Family star Ariel Winter has explained why she’s also continued the trend.


Ariel Winter has lived in Los Angeles for most of her life, unlike the myriad transplants and actor hopefuls who head there every year. However, she recently revealed on her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen’s podcast Quitters that during the pandemic she’d really been thinking about what would lie ahead if she moved. She noted people always asked her “where would I go?”

I just don’t know, what would I do? I just randomly looked and decided, ‘why not?’ so I decided within a week and a half to move. We sold our cars, got an Escalade to fit all the dogs on the drive. I put my house on the market, sold my house–we just went back and got the rest of our stuff. It was hard for me to decide that, just because I’m leaving everyone I know in California.

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