College Scholarships Are Waiting For You to Be Awarded


In a time when a college education is almost required to earn a decent living, many students are struggling to find a way to pay the expensive tuition and fees. College scholarships are the most effective way to pay for college because you can use them to pay for room and board, tuition and fees, and even living expenses. The best part of college scholarships is that you don’t have to pay them back like you do with student loans!

There was a time when college student scholarships were only awarded to academic superstars or super jocks. Today, however, college scholarships are available for just about anyone who is willing to search and apply. College scholarships are available for first-generation college students, students who demonstrate financial need, as well as top scholars, athletes, and students who demonstrate excellent leadership skills. Most scholarship applications require you to simply fill out a form and write an essay or two demonstrating why you feel you are deserving of the funding.

A key point to remember is that contrary to the way college student scholarships were largely awarded in the past, which was based primarily and sometimes almost exclusively on financial need, that is for the most part no longer the case. It is simply of matter of following the scholarship rules and getting your application submitted on time.

There are a huge number of scholarships available, and even some in some of the strangest categories you may have ever heard of. For example, there are grants that are only awarded to left handed people. There are some that are only awarded to students who are less than 5 feet in height. The range is virtually limited only by your imagination.

A great way to find out about college scholarships is to talk to your high school guidance counselor. If you’ve been out of high school for awhile talk to someone in the admissions department of the university you wish to attend. In fact, there are college scholarships available at most universities for non-traditional students. Another great resource for scholarship is your community. Churches and other community organizations often have scholarships available for students who show a commitment to their communities. Even the US government awards scholarships for students who show a financial need.

Yes, some scholarships will require that you go into a specific field of study, and if that is not an area of interest to you for your declared major, then just do not apply for that scholarship. But there are more than enough of them to apply for.

Another advantage is that if you get a scholarship from a Fortune 500 company, your chances of getting a job with that company after graduation, or even as an intern before graduation could be greatly enhanced, especially if you endeavor to keep your grades up.

Every year, thousands of college scholarships amounting to millions of dollars go un-awarded simply because no one applies for them. There is money everywhere for college scholarships. For those aspiring to a college education but are concerned about the costs, it’s important to remember that college scholarships are not just for those with a 4.0 GPA. Today, anyone can afford to go to college if they are willing to do a bit of research and apply for college scholarships.

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