Columbia poet Caylin Capra-Thomas delivers one of 2022’s best books

Caylin Capra-Thomas knows how to make an entrance.

By turns, the Columbia-based poet’s opening lines stagger, expose, beguile; They put readers on notice, complicate narratives we too easily swallow, heighten the senses and offer end-around encouragement.

Lesser artists might cross this initial threshold, then stumble. Certainly, filmmakers crumble opening expectations set in an epic sequence; Writers of every genre fail to keep the promises made by early sentences. Not Capra-Thomas.

“It’s hard to tell what will be important,” she writes in the very first line of her new collection, “Iguana Iguana,” forthcoming publisher this summer from Texas-based Deep Vellum.

To sit with the book is to know it’s all important — Capra-Thomas never wastes a word or loses her voice. Her seamless lyricism and particular perspective ring true, making “Iguana Iguana” one of the best poetry collections of 2022.

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