‘Crying in the Bathroom’ author talks Roe v. Wade

Mexican American writer and National Book Award finalist Erika L. Sanchez is “almost certain” had she not gotten an abortion years ago, she would have killed herself. “I just couldn’t go on,” she says. “The abortion was a life-saving measure for me. It doesn’t have to be that extremebut for a lot of people it is.”


When Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court last month, eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion, the “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” author tells USA TODAY it made her feel beautifully ill, that it was a “really hard blow.” In Sánchez’s new memoir in essays “Crying in the bathroom” (Viking, 256 pp., out Tuesday), she details the difficult experience and how the pregnancy, paired with debilitating depression, made her feel suicidal.

“I will never pretend my abortion was easy. It was, without a doubt, the worst experience of my life,” she writes. But she would do it all over again: “I believe the procedure saved me.”

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