Dark Knight Returns Fan Art Gives the Most Underrated Robin Some Respect

Just because she’s not a canon Robin doesn’t mean The Dark Knight Returns’ Carrie Kelley isn’t worthy of the respect a new piece of art pays her.

The ambitious Robin that debuted in The Dark Knight Returns is finally getting her due in an awesome new piece of artwork from Ricardo López Ortiz. Carrie Kelley may not be a canonical Robin, but Ortiz’s work does a great job showing she deserves to be held in the same regard as her Prime Earth counterparts.

Kelley first arrived in the DC Universe as part of Frank Miller’s lauded story, The Dark Knight Returns. After being saved by an elderly Bruce Wayne who has taken up his old mantle once more, Carrie purchases a costume and attempts to become Batman’s new Robin. Her endless resourcefulness and clever thinking winds up saving Batman’s life on more than one occasion. Though Bruce was initially skeptical, Carrie quickly proved herself to be a resilient and effective partner and became an integral part of Bruce Wayne’s second act.


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But unlike the other heroes who have worn the Robin mantle, Carrie’s adventures have largely remained contained to the Dark Knight Returns universe. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her fans. Illustrator Ricardo Lopez Ortiz Posted a commissioned piece on Twitter that shows off Carrie Kelley in the way she deserves to be seen. The Robin of The Dark Knight Returns has never looked as heroic as she does here. Poised on the back of a hulking Batman who has come crashing down on concrete, Robin has her game face on and is ready to fight whatever villain or Mutant gang member comes her way. Carrie might be diminutive compared to Bruce in the piece, but she matches his intensity as the two prepare to clean up Gotham no matter what it takes.

Ortiz’s piece hit an outstanding mark of over ten thousand likes and even a thousand retweets. Users wished they were the ones to own the Dark Knight Returns fan art, even expressing jealousy at the fan lucky enough to own the original piece. Ortiz’s art manages to capture so much of what works about Frank Miller’s world and adapt it to Ortiz’s own style. And while much could be said about the piece, the way it amazingly portrayed Carrie Kelley deserves attention.

Carrie is a crucial part of the Dark Knight Returns franchise, but beyond the few stories set in her universe, she isn’t featured as much as the other Robins are. As a result, she’s often left out of the conversation when it comes to the discussion of who Batman’s best Robin is. But Ortiz’s piece puts Kelley back into the spotlight and shows she deserves to be taken seriously. Carrie wasn’t a mere sidekick for motivational purposes, she was a partner that fought and kept up with one of the most brutal versions of Batman. hopefully, the Dark Knight Returns fan art goes a long way at proving Kelley is just as good a Robin as any other Boy or Girl Wonder.

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Source: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

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