From e-books to learning a language, 15 things you can get for free is free and lets you browse thousands of e-books to find your next favorite.

There’s always something new to spend money on when it comes to tech. Here’s a secret that these companies don’t want you to know: There’s a lot you can get without spending a dime.

Take photo storage. Are you using the free space you can get from Apple, Google, and Amazon? Tap or click here for the best ways to store the photos and videos on your phone.

Speaking of money, I hear from people all the time who want to cut Netflix, Hulu, and other expensive streaming services. Here’s a list of 15 sites you can find movies to watch for free. Some services include ads, but you won’t run into illegal downloads or malware.

Storage and movies aren’t the only things you can get for free. Here are 15 freebies you can thank me for later:

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