‘Gender Queer’ book faces parent challenge in JCPS

Miranda Stovall, right, and her attorney, Clint Elliott, appeared at an appeals board hearing to argue against the book

One of the few books in Jefferson County school libraries focusing on a non-binary character may be pulled from shelves if a district panel sides with an upset parent.


Miranda Stovall, a parent tied to conservative groups including No Left Turn Kentucky, asked four schools to remove “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe from their school libraries over what she considers to be “pornographic” material.

Two of her complaints are still at the school-level. Two schools, Liberty High and the grade 6-12 Phoenix School of Discovery, declined to withdraw the book. Stovall appealed their decision to Superintendent Marty Pollio, who also refused to remove the book.

Thursday morning, she faced the final step in the appeals process: a district-level panel of teachers, parents and a school administrator in a public hearing.

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