GvK’s Unused Concept Art Is Godzilla vs. Kong 2’s Best Story Idea

Unused concept art for Godzilla vs. Kong represents the best idea for Godzilla vs. Kong 2’s plot. the art book, Godzilla vs. Kong: One Will Fall, revealed a number of images that weren’t implemented into the movie’s story. As a result, what they imply about the MonsterVerse’s history aren’t canon – yet.

Legendary’s plans for a fifth MonsterVerse movie will present the studio with an opportunity to expand the mythos surrounding Godzilla, Kong, and the Titans. Currently in development at Legendary is a MonsterVerse movie that will put Godzilla vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard back in the director’s chair. Starring Dan Stevens, the upcoming movie is currently being described as a Godzilla vs. Kong sequel, which suggests that the movie won’t be Godzilla 3 or Kong 2. Instead, it may focus on both Titans in the same way that its predecessor did. But unlike Godzilla vs. Kong, the sequel may not hinge on the conflict between the two titular monsters. Since the first crossover settled the old debate over who would win, Godzilla vs. Kong 2 has the potential to offer something completely different. In fact, they may even be on the same side through most of the movie, as opposed to teaming up at the last minute.


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Numerous possibility for Godzilla vs. Kong 2’s story have been discussed. The idea that’s getting the most traction right now is a Son of Kong adaptation. If the rumors are true, Kong could end up with a son, who could get the spotlight in the next movie. Of course, that’s far from the only option for the sequel’s plot. Arguably one of the most interesting avenues the movie could explore would involve a deep dive into one of the cave paintings depicted in the aforementioned art book. Here’s what was shown in the book, what it says about the Titan War, and how it could make for the perfect story for Godzilla vs. Kong 2.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s Titan War Concept Art Explained

Godzilla Mural Kong Concept Art Titan War SpaceGodzilla

A cave painting in Godzilla vs. Kong: One Will Fall shows numerous members of Godzilla and Kong’s respective species attacking a mystery monster during the ancient Titan War. Exactly what this creature is hasn’t been revealed, but its physical characteristics align it with Godzilla. For a reason that currently remains unclear, the Godzilla-like monster has wings and shares his atomic breath ability. Some suspect that’s what’s being illustrated here is actually just Mothra carrying Godzilla. However, that wouldn’t explain why the Godzilla ancestors in the painting appeared to be targeting it with their atomic breath. With that in mind, it’s more likely that this Titan is an enemy of the other Godzillas present. Whatever it is, it appears to have earned the wrath of both sides in the Titan War.

What Godzilla vs Kong’s Unused Mystery Titan Could Be

The leading theory about the Titan’s identity is that the creature is the MonsterVerse’s interpretation of SpaceGodzilla, the evil kaiju who was created when Godzilla’s DNA was mutated by the energy of a black hole. Admittedly, Toho’s SpaceGodzilla doesn’t have wings but it’s at least possible that Legendary has made some changes to him. He could also be the evil Godzilla mentioned in the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization, which was referred to as Zo-zla-halawa. The Kongs teamed up against Zo-zla-halawa in an effort to drive him out of the Earth, but were ultimately beaten.

The characters in the book acted under the assumption that Zo-zla-halawa is Godzilla, but it has been postulated that since he was described as an “evil” entity, this creature could have been a different Titan altogether. It’s also worth noting that the novelization mentioned that the Titan acquired his power when he “ate a star“. The “star” line could mean multiple things, one of which being a possible cosmic connection. That would make a lot of sense if SpaceGodzilla is the monster in question.

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Regardless of the possible link to Zo-zla-halawa, SpaceGodzilla is the top candidate to be the Titan shown in the concept art. He has many of Godzilla’s physical traits, and it stands to reason that if he did exist in the MonsterVerse, it would be as a foe of Godzilla. All things considered, he’s arguably the best explanation for why the nearby Godzillas would attack one of their own.

How Godzilla vs Kong’s Concept Art Would Change The Titan War

If Godzilla vs. Kong’s Unused concept art was made MonsterVerse canon, it would totally change perceptions of the ancient Titan War. Previously, it was understood that Godzilla and Kong’s ancestors waged an epic war against each other in the hidden Hollow Earth world. Skeletons of both species prove that there were causalities on both sides, but exactly what happened was left ambiguous. However, it was heavily implied (and stated explicitly in the novelization) that Godzilla won. After all, the Kongs must have left their home in the Hollow Earth for a reason. Interestingly, though, the concept art would shed new light on their conflict and add a third party to the fighting.

If what’s shown in the artwork actually happened in the Titan War, this would give the impression that Godzilla and Kong’s original battle was more like Godzilla vs. Kong’s final battle than originally thought. In the movie, Godzilla beat Kong but eventually joined forces with him to beat Mechagodzilla. It may be that in the Titan War, the two sides had to stop fighting for a similar reason and combine their numbers to take on a much bigger threat, whether it be SpaceGodzilla or something else entirely.

Godzilla & Kong Can Unite Against The Titan War’s Real Villain

By exploring the ideas presented in the art book, Godzilla vs. Kong 2 has a chance to add a great deal of depth to the Titan War and also makes its relevant events to Godzilla and Kong’s next MonsterVerse adventure. Over the course of the movie, the human characters could uncover additional details about the war and what really happened all those centuries ago. It could be learned that the fighting between them was more complicated than anyone ever imagined. When discovering the existence of their common foe, the humans may find out that this creature is still out there somewhere. The monster, who may or may not be partially responsible for the eradication of both species, could be portrayed as the ultimate challenge for Godzilla and Kong to overcome in Godzilla vs. Kong 2. The two Titans may have no choice but to work together and defeat the villain their ancestors never could.

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