Hailee Steinfeld Has Toned Abs In A Retro Crop-Top In IG Photos

  • Hailee Steinfeld is living her best life these days, and she’s got the photo evidence to prove it.
  • The 25-year-old was showing off her chiseled abs in a cute, retro crop top that she wore over a bikini top in a new Instagram photo dump.
  • Hailee enjoys the mental challenge of a really tough workout, and also loves doing workouts with her dad, who is a personal trainer.

    When you find a look you love, you’ll find any excuse to re-wear it. And that is apparently what Hailee Steinfeld is planning on doing with her newest retro outfit. I can’t say that I blame her.

    “Wearing this all week,” she captioned a shot of herself in a cool 70s-print bikini top, tie-front crop-top shirt, and matching pants. The 25-year-old accessorized the whole thing with her sculpted abs and an “I feel amazing” smile. FWIW: Hailee also noted that her next single, “Coast” featuring Anderson .Paak is out in four days, so it’s no surprise she’s feeling good.

    People completely lost it in the comments. “Oh my gawdd❤️🔥,” one person wrote, while another chimed in with, “YOU LOOK AMAZING.”

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    The Hawkeye star opened up to Women’s Health about her healthy lifestyle in a recent interview, and it’s all kinds of goals. For starters, she’s not here for fad diets. “My relationship to food is rather simple. I eat when I’m hungry,” she shared.

    Hailee also looks at how food can work for her and help her to train properly. “I eat so that I can train, I don’t train so that I can eat,” she said.

    Hailee works out in the morning and she loves to have a big bowl of oatmeal first. “That really fuels me for what I need to do,” she said. As for lunch and dinner, Hailee shared that she get into certain dishes and sticks with them.

    “I’ll find something I really love,” she said. “It’s, like, all I’ll eat for however long, and then I’ll try and find ways to switch it up.”

    On the exercise front, Hailee works out with her dad, who is a personal trainer. “He really sees my potential and he believes in me and he pushes me and knows what I’m capable of,” she said. And, even on those days when she’s just not feeling her workouts, she finds the motivation to go anyway.

    “I’ve never left a workout or a gym session feeling anything other than great and happier,” Hailee said. “Just knowing what my body is capable of and being able to challenge myself…it does something for you mentally that not a lot of other things do.”

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    But, while she goes hard in her workouts, Hailee said she tries to have a healthy approach. “It’s all about finding your balance and understanding where you’re coming from that day, and what it is you wanna achieve, giving yourself grace and patience, and being kind to yourself,” she said.

    Loving this for you, Hailee!

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