Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Catwoman Redesigned as Mermaids in DC Fanart

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman are characters with iconic designs that look even more unique in a piece of fanart depicting them as mermaids!

The Gotham City Sirens are a trio of femmes fatales consisting of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivyand Catwoman and often cause far more trouble than they solve, and in an inventive piece of fanart drawn by iconic DC Comics artist Dustin Nguyen, these ladies get a mermaid look that fits their siren moniker well!

Uploaded to Instagram by Dustin Nguyen (@duss005), this popular DC Comics alum has been drawing for the company for well over twenty years and has contributed his talents to numerous Batman story arcs as well as a trio of creator-owned Image Comics series (in collaboration with writer Jeff Lemire) called Descenderits sequel, Askerand the recently launched Little Monsters comic. Consistently sharing quick sketches of both DC and Marvel charactersDustin’s Instagram account is one that comic book fans need to get on immediately, especially after posting this wildly unique Gotham City Sirens mock-up.


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A group of ladies that only lasted a short while as a functioning team before being shuffled out of the spotlight, the Gotham City Sirens are a fan-favorite squad made up of iconic characters who walk the fine line between full-on villain and struggling anti -hero on a near daily basis. Three characters who are closely associated with The Dark Knight of Gotham himself, BatmanDustin deciding to give Harley, Ivy, and Selina a true siren makeover not only works but looks amazing to boot.

By using his unique watercolor art style to nail the colors and flow of the image, Dustin redesigns the trio’s look to fit his nautical theme perfectly. Pulling out the main colors used in each woman’s iconic costume designs, Dustin draws Harley as the red mermaid, Ivy as the green one, and Catwoman as the black, with seaweed and scale-like clothing giving way to full-blown mermaid tails that curl and sway with the tides. Finishing things off by giving each woman’s swaying, water-suspended hair, Dustin depicts all three with a facial expression that captures each of their characters well, especially the always bubbly Harley Quinn.

So while there hasn’t been a DC Comics tale that turns all heroes and villains into characters ripped straight out of The Little Mermaidits vast multiverse ensures that anything is possible. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivyand Catwoman were once Gotham City Sirens, and now thanks to Dustin Nguyen, they’ve literally become some.

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