‘He Certainly Was the Blueprint’

Pixar is not done with Toy Story yet, as it was released Lightyear last month. The story centers around Buzz, but none of the other original characters appear. Lightyear is not the first Buzz spinoff not to feature the original voice actor as the title character. However, the movie still drew attention by casting a former Marvel star as the lead. Chris Evans spoke about how he got into character for Lightyear — by doing an impression of Tim Allen.

Chris Evans voiced Buzz in ‘Lightyear’

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Pixar expanded the Toy Story universe with its spinoff Lightyearwhich depicts the in-universe movie that spawned Buzz Lightyear toys. In the film, Buzz and his crew have to escape Emperor Zurg after getting stranded on another planet. Besides seeing familiar characters, fans get to know new faces like Commander Hawthorne.

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