Henry Cavill Fuels James Bond Casting Demand With New Video

Henry Cavill fuels fan demand for his James Bond casting with a new video that sees him dressed for the part with an iconic Aston Martin DB5.

Henry Cavill fuels James Bond casting demand with his appearance in a new advertisement. After taking over from Pierce Brosnan before him, Daniel Craig took up the role of 007 for five films, ultimately bidding farewell to the franchise with last year’s No Time To Die. The film was a hit with both audiences and critics, and sees Craig’s Bond killed off during his climactic final act — a first for the long-running spy franchise. With Craig’s tenure as James Bond now officially at an end, 007’s future remains up in the air, and many are wondering who will be next to take over the iconic role.

Even before Craig officially announced that No Time To Die would be his last Bond film, audiences have been touting a handful of British actors as his possible replacement. Cavill is one name that appears regularly, with others including Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Richard Madden, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston. James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson previously stated that they wanted to give Craig’s last film time to breathe before undertaking the search for a new 007. Nine months removed from the release of No Time To Diehowever, many are clamoring for an update.

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As part of a new collaboration with No 1 Botanicals, Cavill’s latest story on Instagram (via Olly Gibbs) fuels fan demand for his casting as Bond. The ad features Cavill exiting a store before walking past an Aston Martin DB5, the signature vehicle driven by Sean Connery during his tenure as Bond, with Craig’s version of the character also using the car for several films. In the ad, as he walks past the car and glances back at it, Cavill says,Life will always have its sweet temptationsCheck out the video below:

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While it remains to be seen who the next James Bond actor will end up being, Cavill’s latest brand partnership is making no secret of the fact that the actor has long been a frontrunner for the part. In addition to the iconic 007 car, Cavill also sports a well-tailored suit, a staple of every iteration of Bond. No decision has been made just yet regarding who will take over the role of the British superspy, but the new advertisement is sure to renew demand for Cavill’s casting at a time when it’s very likely that Broccoli and Wilson are in the middle of a search for the perfect star.

The future of the whole Bond franchise is very uncertain at the moment and, for many, it’s hard to imagine a 007 movie without Craig. While Cavill does seem like an obvious candidate for the part given his previous action film roles as the dapper hero in projects like The Man From UNCLE and Enola Holmes, now might be the perfect time for the franchise to evolve and take a risk with a more unknown actor. Cavill’s latest ad makes a compelling case for the Man of Steel star to take up the mantle of James Bondbut audiences will just have to be patient to see whether anything comes of it.

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Source: Henry Cavill (via Olly Gibbs)

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