Home Insurance Is A Must Have In 2023

Every new year brings us new possibilities, resolutions, and promises. It brings us new hope that things are going to be better and we always feel like our future goals are well within our grasp. And now that 2023 is around the corner, you must be getting all prepped up with your new resolutions that you would like to maintain in the coming year.


You might want to cut down on social media, travel to new destinations, lose weight, or spend some extra time with your family, or renovate your home. Since a home is a place where you are generally going to spend most of this year, we would like to suggest ten new resolutions that could work wonders for your home. Since the home is where our heart is, let’s read about ways to make it lovelier, more comfortable, and better organised than before. You can explore home insurance plans with HDFC ERGO that works as financial security for your property.

Cut down the use of energy

With climate change exacerbating every passing day, it is crucial that we try to make our planet greener by making conscious changes to our lifestyle and habits. Going green is a remarkable way to contribute to the planet, sitting at the comfort of home. For starters, you can try making sustainable choices. Turn off that switch, unplug that appliance, get a hybrid car or install solar panels for your home.

Apart from that, other little hacks could be switching off your tap when you’re not using it, recycling things, and remembering to turn the lights off when you are not using them. There are numerous ways you can make a difference and it starts at your home. And don’t forget to purchase home insurance to get it covered.

Create a healthy and family-friendly kitchen

The kitchen is the place where a family gathers together throughout the year. And our health and fitness is dependent on what we make in our kitchens. Therefore, giving your kitchen a new outlook can change the health statement of the entire family. Bring in nutritious ingredients to set up your pantry this year. You can create a kid zone in the kitchen as well. Also, throw out any ingredients that are expired, to declutter the space.

Keep indoor air uncontaminated

It goes without saying that constant exposure to pollutants and contaminated air can lead to chronic respiratory illness, lung cancer, or heart disease. Clean indoor air at your home promotes the quality of your life and can help prevent many such ailments.

To avoid the harmful irritants in your home space, we suggest you change furnace filters and maintain the HVAC system regularly. Get yourself home insurance to cover for you financially while making these significant changes.

Install low-maintenance and durable materials

This year, you could focus on things that are durable and low-maintenance. These materials provide you with trouble-free performance and are relatively hassle free. You may wish to weatherproof your home using fibre cement. Purchasing LED lights can also be beneficial as it works for 18-46 years, even when it is used 3 hours a day. Bringing seasonal plants is also a great way to decorate your home.

Get your space organised

Decluttering your place is a must. This is the most efficient way to bring in positivity to the space. Organise your home by getting rid of unnecessary things that you don’t need or like.

Get your finances right

This could be the year to finally sort your finances by getting yourself home insurance from HDFC ERGO. Create a budget to help you track your expenses this year without overspending.

Work out a system to keep your house clean

Device weekly or monthly schedule to keep your house clean. Keep things in order so that you can easily find them. Divide the chores between family members so that everyone contributes in keeping the house spotless.

Make your place more welcoming

You may want to start with your living room to make your place look more welcoming. Spruce up your guest rooms with new linen. Changing the curtains and rugs are also great ways to start changing your interiors to make them look cozy.

Make your house safe and sound

Once your house is properly organised and pleasing to the eye, it is time to make it safe for your family and friends. Make sure you’re not having any potential health, fire, or security risks at the house. You may wish to fireproof your house using fire detectors and take steps to eliminate gases such as carbon monoxide and radon. The hardware that helps in safeguarding your house from these hazards is not generally that cover yourself financially.

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