If Trump Returns To Twitter And Facebook, His Own Social Media Company Could Be Screwed

claimed he took folders marked as “classified” as souvenirs and suggested someone might have planted real classified information among them.)


Investors should probably worry about Trump departing Truth Social—or at least relegating it to the back burner. While he has stated he will stick with the platform, it has long been made clear that he has essentially no legal obligation to do so. As I wrote last fall, Trump is supposed to post content on Truth Social six hours before it appears elsewhere, but there’s an exception for anything considered “political messaging”:

DWAC disclosed in Monday’s filing TruthSocial does have exclusive rights to some of Trump’s social media postings—but it won’t have a monopoly on the type of political red meat that made Trump such a draw on Twitter in the first place. In general, Trump will be obligated to post content on TruthSocial six hours before it can be published anywhere else. But there’s a massive loophole: These rules don’t apply to any content that is related to political messaging, political fundraising, or get-out-the-vote efforts. Those can be posted anywhere Trump wants, whenever he wants. 

As I noted, only a few of Trump’s most popular tweets were strictly personal and non-political.

At the time, DWAC seemed to acknowledge that such a scenario could pose a substantial risk to its business. “TMTG’s future success will depend, to a significant extent, upon the continued presence and popularity of President Trump,” the company warned investors. “If President Trump were to discontinue his relationship with TMTG due to death, disability, or any other reason, or limit his involvement with TMTG due to becoming a candidate for political office, TMTG would be significantly disadvantaged.”

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