Iron Man, Thor & Scarlet Witch Get Gritty Redesigns in Avengers Fanart

Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Thor get stunning new redesigned Marvel Comics costumes from artist Pete Woods in gritty fanart.

In awesome new fan art from artist Pete Woods, three Avengers Scarlet Witch, Thorand Iron Man – get gritty new costumes that give each hero exciting new looks. On his Twitter account, Woods shared his costume redesigns, featuring all-new enembles that offer something unique and fresh for the trio of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The details, from Wanda Maximoff’s new haircut and Iron Man’s mind-transformation armor, make for fun designs for each Avenger.

In the comics and MCU, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Thor are among the heroes who have seen the most changes to their costumes. Each Avenger has sported multiple iconic looks throughout their storied histories. Iron Man frequently changes his armor and debuts a new suit of armor in almost every new arc he appears in. Meanwhile, Thor has debuted a few new costumes in his current run, from his black suit during his time as the Herald of Galactus to his All-Father ensemble he started wearing after the death of Odin. Finally, Scarlet Witch’s iconic red tiara and costume have seen plenty of adjustments throughout the years – with her core look mainly remaining the same as details around it change.


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On his Twitter account, artist Pete Woods (The Justice League’s Vibe) shared his fan art redesigns of three Avengers, with new looks for Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Iron Man. The new costumes and styles are fabulous. Scarlet Witch sports a red jacket and long red boots with gold details while trading in her tiara for bangs that look similar to her iconic headpiece. The redesign forges something new for the hero while staying true to her personality and previous looks.

Meanwhile, the fan art version of Thor appears more like a Norse warrior, as his costume redesign gives him a dad bod, a Viking haircut and facial hair, and a fur cape while he wields Mjolnir. Meanwhile, Iron Man gets a new nanotech armor paired alongside a suit, as the Avenger can be seen biotransformation, with half of his body covered in tech. In contrast, the other half features the more dapper style of Tony Stark.

Woods’ redesigns don’t seem locked in for any upcoming Marvel Comics project. Still, if the publisher ever wanted to bring a unique take to the Avengers, the costumes would make for a gritty, different-than-usual-looking adventure starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Ultimately, the Scarlet Witch, Iron Manand Thor fan art redesigns are awesome. Woods did a great job giving the Avengers redesigns that honored their most famous costumes but tried something new and exciting with each ensemble.

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Source: Pete Woods – Twitter

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