Jason Kander’s bestselling new book finds hope and healing from PTSD

Jason Kander opens up in his New York Times bestseller

Jason Kander can’t help but notice the stories we tell ourselves about trauma.

A subset of what he calls the “American myth,” they especially crop up in pop culture. These stories portray the traumatized as “people in absolute chaos,” he said, with no way out.

If they do chart a path forward, it’s not through facing the pain but maneuvering around it in a “single act of redemptive heroism,” the former Missouri secretary of state and US Senate candidate added. These narratives, at best, tell half-truths about what real people with real trauma experience.

“What they don’t show is something that’s actually super-common in our society, which is people who have gone to treatment for their trauma, and now are going about their lives without it having a grip on them,” he said.

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