Kevin McKidd announces split from wife

Actor Kevin McKidd has confirmed the end of his four-year marriage to his wife, Arielle Goldrath.


The Gray’s Anatomy star took to Instagram to announce the ending of the couple’s relationship.

He began his post: “I don’t often share my personal life on social media, but today there is something I do want to share with you. A few months ago, Arielle and I decided to end the marriage portion of our relationship.

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“We reached this conclusion after much soul searching and discussion. We know it’s what is right for both of us.”

Kevin also praised Arielle’s nature as a wife and mother: “Arielle is an incredible mother to Aiden and Nava. She’s one of the wisest, most intelligent and loving people I’ve ever known. We continue to have the highest love and respect for each other.

“We have been able to redefine our lives and love for each other in a beautiful way. It’s not been easy and has taken significant work and self-examination.

“It has all been worth it to get to where we are now: a deep and honest relationship as parents and real friends with an amazing shared history, beautiful children and family.”

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He finished by saying, “Please wish us luck and good fortune going forward, as we also wish for you all. It feels good to share this part of my life and let you all know that even with challenges, it is possible to reach happy conclusions if we show up for each other and stay open.

“Arielle and I will always be there for one another. I hope everyone could be this blessed: to raise their kids with one of your very best friends.”

Although Kevin’s post was emotional, it is clear that the relationship has ended amicably and that the pair are still on good terms.

McKidd has starred in Gray’s Anatomy since 2008 and directed several episodes of the show – he also reportedly signed a three-year contract with ABC that will keep him on the medical drama for the forseeable future.

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