Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott’s Wedding Registry Fan Theory

Featuring a $130,000 silver fish centerpiece.

Fans think they may have discovered Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s wedding registry, worth over $3 million.

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Now, it hasn’t exactly been a great time publicly for Kylie and Travis. Just this week, the couple faced backlash after Kylie posted an Instagram picture flaunting their private jets — with Kylie herself then being exposed for taking three-minute flights. Then there’s the ongoing fact that Travis is being sued for over a billion dollars by the victims of Astroworld.

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I know it’s tonally jarring to mention Astroworld here, but we can’t forget that this is very much still happening!

While there haven’t been any public confirmations that the two are planning on getting married, they welcomed their second child back in February and have been on-and-off since 2017.

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That being said, what got me down this internet rabbit hole was a series of media from a night out with Kylie, her friends, and sisters. Obviously, she is the only one wearing white.

Perhaps a bride with her bridesmaids? Or just a woman who likes to defy the color scheme?

This took me to Reddit user u/toiletscum‘s post about a wedding registry theoretically belonging to Travis and Kylie for a wedding on Dec. 10. The key reason it might be the couple’s is the name of the registry: “Mother Goose and Cactus Jack’s Wedding Registry.”

Scully and Scully

After the Reddit post, the title of the registry was changed — but the URL is still jackgoose1.

Why would this mean Travis and Kylie? First, Cactus Jack is the name of Travis’s record label and brand. Then there’s the fact that Kylie sometimes refers to herself as “Mommy Goose” on some social media posts — and it’s apparently Stormi’s nickname for her.

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So, what is on this VERY MUCH UNVERIFIED wedding registry? Oh, just the essentials — like a $1.1k bucket.

Two $9k American flag armchairs!

Crystal I am too poor to understand!

Having spent some time genuinely feeling anxiety while scrolling through this list, I believe I have found the cheapest items — a $45 soap dish and tumbler.

As for the most expensive? A chandelier coming in at a cool half a million.

There are also a couple of items that might be references to the couple. For example, Kylie and Travis have matching butterfly tattoos. Lo and behold, there are five butterfly items on the list — like this two-inch butterfly sculpture, coming in at $300.

Scully and Scully / Via scullyandscully.com

Practically a bargain (in comparison to the rest of this list).

There are also four cactus (Jack?) items — such as one for the wedding guest with an extra $36,750 to spend.

Scully and Scully / Via scullyandscully.com

These items have already started popping up on my damn targeted ads. Stop it Google, I’m poor!

This one is a bit more of a stretch, but there are a few items of men’s apparel with skulls on them. Skulls have popped up on clothes in Travis’s music videos and merchso IMHO it’s not a terrible stretch that the man would also want a $6k skull cane.

Of course, there are three possible explanations here: A) this is Kylie and Travis’s real wedding registry, B) this is another couple’s registry, or C) it’s fake and made to bait people into thinking it’s Kylie and Travis’s. Trust your heart as to which one you believe.

I think I need to go lie down.

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