Lafayette Public Library librarian almost fired over book display

North Regional Branch Manager Cara Chance smiles after surviving an attempt by Lafayette Public Library Board of Control members to fire her at a board meeting on Monday, July 25, 2022.

A Lafayette Public Library employee survived an attempt by Library Board of Control members to fire her Monday. But the board voted to take up efforts to discipline her next month.

North Regional Library Branch Manager Cara Chance was accused of an “undisputable act of insubordination” by board President Robert Judge at Monday’s meeting before Judge moved to immediately fire her with a second from board member Stephanie Armbruster.

Chance has regularly criticized the board’s moves to strengthen its power and enable censorship during its public meetings. That is protected speech that public employees cannot be fired for.

Her attorney Robert Schmidt said Judge’s allegation at the meeting was the first she’d heard of “any alleged insubordination.”

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