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Nothing bution obstruct

America can no longer afford to have a political party that does nothing more that obstructs efforts to address our social, economic, public health and environmental challenges.


Every day, we see the consequences of the Republican Party’s devotion to “do nothing.” By “doing nothing,” the GOP is actually eroding faith in government. At the same time, the GOP is encouraging what can only be referred to as corporate welfare.

Witness the latest insurance legislation passed by Ron DeSantis and the GOP majority in our state Legislature. Will Florida homeowners benefit? No! The insurance industry makes off like a bandit with a couple of billion dollars of taxpayer money.

Gov.  Ron DeSantis signed property insurance legislation in Sarasota on June 11.

It’s pay now and pay later for Florida homeowners. Insurance rates are skyrocketing because of extreme weather brought on by climate change, something the GOP won’t allow to be addressed at any level of government.

Despite repeated government attempts to limit the sale of assault rifles or expand background checks, the GOP blocks every effort More evidence pours in every day on the negative effects of GOP misinformation regarding our country’s response to the COVID pandemic, with death rates much higher in states with Republicans in control.

When are we going to wake up and vote them out?

Albert R. Matheny, Gainesville

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