Local author Jan Plemmons explores the history of ghost town Runion

Jan Plemmons'

RUNION – Jan C. Plemmons has published 25 books, but her most recent one, an examination of Madison County ghost town Runion, might have been extra special from the rest, the author said.


Plemmons’ book, “A Visit to Runion,” is a narrative and pictorial history of the sawmill village, where her father was born, dating from the late 1800s until 1925, when the mill was sold.

Though it has been nearly 100 years since the mill’s sale turned Runion into a ghost town, the initial idea for Plemmons’ book started long before that, according to the author.

Jan Plemmons

“I came about these photographs in 2005 when I put my father in a nursing home,” Plemmons said. “The people that owned the sawmill, what used to be Hartford Tweed Saw Mill (now DT Ramsey Lumber Co.), the Stackhouse Road area, they called me and said, ‘Your dad’s always down here, and we just love him. understand he’s going into a nursing home. We’ve got pictures of Runion, and we understand he’s born there. I’ll bet he’d like to see them.””

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