Mario & Luigi Become Batman & Robin in Perfect Tribute Art

A charming tribute art reinvents the Mushroom Kingdom’s best heroes as the protectors of Gotham with Mario and Luigi dressing up as Batman and Robin.


move over, Batman and Robinbecause Nintendo’s A-List mascots, Mario and Luigi, are stepping in as the new Caped Crusaders. In an awesome piece of commissioned art by Chris Burnham, the world’s favorite plumbers are reinvented as the classic comic heroes, blending two amazing icons together.

As far as partnerships go, few comic book characters have the cultural cachet that Batman and Robin do. There’s a reason they got a reputation as the “Dynamic Duo.” Their expert teamwork and reliability on one another has made them one of the most effective and notable teams in fiction. Batman and his partner, Robin, have set a standard, but they’re far from the only popular partners. Mario and Luigi have had a number of epic adventures spanning cartoons, comics, movies and, of course, video games. And with all the terrifying threats they’ve eliminated from the Mushroom Kingdom, there’s a good argument they’re just as good a team as Gotham’s finest.


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And thanks to a new piece by Chris Burnham, fans can see just how good a team Mario and Luigi make. Fan account @FelixComicArt posted a message on Twitter along with art that had been commissioned by Burnham. Paying homage to The Dark Knight Returns, the piece shows off Mario and Luigi dressed up as Batman and Robin, respectively. Mario swings through the air with a rope and Luigi glides forward with a flying kick through a dark night in the Mushroom Kingdom. Though their trademark mustaches give away their secret identities, Mario and Luigi fit the roles of the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder quite well. Thankfully, Burnham’s artwork has a much more calm and pleasant atmosphere than Frank Miller’s original work, leaving the Mario Bros.’ world fun for all ages.

@FelixComicArt’s commissioned piece is an amazingly fun idea. The Dark Knight Returns is a grim story that deals with a lot of complex and mature subject matter, but it’s hard to deny many of its panels have become notable moments in Batman history. Chris Burnham takes the story’s most iconic image and brings in Mario and Luigi’s style to create something fans of both properties can truly enjoy.

Batman can be a fun property, but more often than not, his stories border on inappropriate for younger audiences. From hunting down serial killers or getting into gruesome fights, not all Batman comics are as kid-friendly as his cartoons. one the other hand, the Super Mario franchise is friendly for all ages, with fans from nearly every generation. Burnham’s art bridges the two properties together by mixing some of Batman’s most famous imagery with Mario’s wholesome charm. The end result is a piece of art that is sure to put a smile on any fan’s face, whether they prefer Batman and Robin or Mario and Luigi.

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Source: @FelixComicArt

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