Marvel Already Confirmed How Powerful Thor’s Daughter Can Be

Thor now has a new adventure companion following the events of Love and Thunder, and Marvel has already told you how powerful that character can be.

WARNING: This contains SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder Introduced a brand new character to the MCU, Love, Gorr the God Butcher’s daughter, and the movie already revealed how powerful Thor’s adoptive daughter could really be. As it has become common in the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Love is not an exact adaptation of a preexisting comic book character but rather the combination of different elements from the comics into one new, original story. In Love and Thunder, it’s Gorr’s daughter’s death that kickstarts Christian Bale’s character’s tour of revenge, and it is her incredible resurrection that wraps the events of the movie and sets up Thor’s new journey in the MCU.


Despite being a relatively short movie, Thor: Love and Thunder Introduced a lot of new characters and concepts into the MCU. In addition to Gorr and Love, Thor: Love and Thunder also revealed the MCU’s version of Zeus, here played by Russell Crowe. The movie also brought Eternity into the MCU, and while Eternity is not exactly the same as its comics counterpart, it certainly has implications for the saga’s power levels. finally, Thor: Love and Thunder‘s post-credits scene introduced Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein, setting up the biggest superhero fight since Iron Man vs. Captain America.

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During Thor: Love and Thunder‘s ending, the title of the movie is justified by the newly formed duo – Thor the God of Thunder and his adoptive daughter, Love. Not only did Thor train Love for combat, but he also gave Gorr’s daughter Stormbreaker. While that may not seem so important, especially considering how Love is able to blast energy beams from her eyes, the fact that Love can wield Stormbreaker secretly reveals how powerful the character really is. In Avengers: Infinity Warwhen Thor tells the Guardians of the Galaxy of his plan to go to Nidavellir to forge a weapon that can kill Thanos, the God of Thunder makes it clear that none of the Guardians would be powerful enough to wield such a thing. According to Thor, their bodies would “crumble” as their minds “collapsed into madness.” Love, on the other hand, did not have any of those problems, and it did not take long before Thor’s daughter could masterly wield Stormbreaker in battle.

How Powerful Is Gorr’s Daughter, Love, In The MCU?

Thor love and thunder Gorr daughter love eternity

Just the fact that Love was able to wield Stormbreaker puts the new MCU character on a different level from most of the Marvel audiences have seen in the saga. How Love’s powers compare to Thor’s is still difficult to know, but the character is surely on the “god-like” tier of the MCU’s power levels. In fact, being able to wield Stormbreaker and shoot energy beams might be only a fraction of Love’s powers in the MCU. If Gorr’s daughter was somehow given the powers of Eternity or even just a fraction of it, then there is really no limit as to where the writers could extend Love’s abilities. That would make her similar to the MCU’s Scarlet Witch, whose true potential power level is almost inconceivable.

After the end of the Infinity Saga and Thanos’ defeat, the MCU is clearly increasing the power levels in the MCU to set the stage for the Avengers’ next”Endgamemoment. Thor: Love and Thunder is a clear example of that, with the introductions of Eternity, Zeus, Hercules, and what seems more important, Love. How this original character will play out in the MCU and what comics references will be used to inform her powers is a question only Marvel’s Phase 5 will answer.

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