Miles Morales & Static Get the Marvel/DC Team-Up Fans Want in Epic Fanart

Spider-Man Miles Morales and DC’s Static are parallels of each other as young Black superheroes and now they’ve teamed up in an epic piece of fan art.

When it comes to superhero teenagers throughout the ages across the Marvel and DC Comics universes, there is one franchise-crossing team-up that fans have been clamoring for: The “new Spider-Man on the block” Miles Morales and long-time DC heavy hitter static. Now, a new work of fan art celebrates these young Black superheroes in an eagerly-awaited crossover.

Although Morales and Static are from different creative teams and publishing houses they have a lot of key similarities. Virgil Hawkins AKA Static has seemingly unlimited electric energy powers. He was created by Milestone Comics founder Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan and his personality was modeled after Spider-Man. Miles Morales is a young man from Brooklyn on Earth-1610 who was bitten by a genetically altered spider and became Spider-Man when the Peter Parker of that reality died. The idea of ​​a crossover between Morales and Static isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem at first glance with their key thematic similarities that artist Jay Hero celebrates with his art.


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The image created by Jay Hero Shows Morales and Static, two of the most popular Black superheroes in their respective universes, standing back-to-back with determination on their faces. Morales is shown wearing his classic Spider-Man costume, while Static is wearing his trademark black and yellow costume. The art is simply titled “Static and Spider-Man,” but it says a lot about the characters and their potential team-up. This fan art evokes the breathtaking and joyful action sequences that each character has. Artistically, static’s electric arcs provide a colorful light source to the two dynamic poses that serve as a thematic reference to the two heroes’ shared electrical ability. Their uniforms also complement each other nicely, looking like they could be teammates. If there weren’t decades and timelines between them, they probably would be especially since they’re from the same stomping ground in New York City.

Miles Morales and Static are perfect mirrors of each other. They’re Black teenage heroes motivated by the death of a relative, from alternate versions of main franchise continuities, and they’re both based on the Spider-Man formula. Most interestingly, both heroes have electrical abilities, which seems to be a common theme for Black heroes. In addition, Morales and Static are members of the major superhero teams in their universes: The Avengers and Justice League, respectively. This isn’t the first time that Jay Hero has put together fan art for a crossover between Morales and Static, but this is a piece of fan art that shows their abilities side-by-side that celebrates their characters.

Ultimately, both of these heroes serve as refinements and reinventions of the kind of wise-cracking teenage hero that Spider-Man made popular. Like Spider-Man, both characters have been major critical and commercial hits and have personalities that clearly resonate with fans, cementing both of their places in superhero infamy. The time is right for Marvel and DC Comics to bring static and Miles Morales together, this work of fan art by Jay Hero shows they would be a fantastic team-up.

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Source: Jay Hero

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