Millie Bobby Brown Has Unintentionally Convinced Fans She’s Secretly A Massive Diva

Millie Bobby Brown has been acting professionally since she was nine years old and made her big break in Stranger Things when she was only 12. Since then, she’s won SAG Awards, been nominated for Emmys, starred in new shows and movies, and created her own makeup line. She’s become one of the biggest stars in the world. But despite all of her success and fame, Millie doesn’t have it all. Many people think she’s secretly a massive diva. As proof of it, there are a lot of videos that show Brown’s rude behavior.

The Stranger Things creators defended themselves after Millie called them “sensitive Sallies” for keeping so many characters alive. It all went down after Millie and her co-star, Noah Schnapp, complained to The Wrap that red carpets just keep getting harder and harder to do with so many humans living on their show. Millie said, “Last night, we couldn’t even take one group picture because there were like 50 of us. I was like, you need to start killing people off.” Her comments caused mixed reactions among fans. Here are all the reasons why Millie Bobby Brown has unintentionally convinced fans she’s secretly a massive diva.

6 Millie Bobby Brown Was Disrespectful Towards David Harbor During A ‘Stranger Things’ Interview

Millie Bobby Brown has a bit of a mean streak. She’s been pretty disrespectful to her Stranger Things co-stars. One such incident was with 47-year-old actor David Harbor, who was doing an interview with Millie. David was in the middle of complementing the young actress for her acting and general persona. Millie decided she would rather have all the attention on her and started making faces and interrupting David in the middle of his speech. The young star even hopped out of her chair and physically stopped the actor from finishing what he was saying. David brushed it off, but when he tried to continue speaking, and Millie continued her antics, David decided he had enough and smiled his way through it. Fans still aren’t sure if David was annoyed at Millie’s interruption.

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5 Millie Bobby Brown Usually Interrupts Her Co-Stars During Talk Shows

Even the younger actors on the show have had to deal with Millie Bobby Brown’s rude behavior. Multiple online videos show the teenage actress talking over or interrupting the other cast members of Stranger Things when they did press tours or interviews together. The other actors looked understandably frustrated at Millie. While the actors remain professional and seem to get along well together, it’s hard to imagine that they are all okay with continually being cut off in the middle of sentences.

4 Millie Bobby Brown Has Been Mean To Sadie Sink

The question remains why Millie thinks it’s okay to treat the other young actors with such little respect. She often cuts off co-actress Sadie Sink in interviews. Despite their claim of being close friends, this reached the point where at one interview, another of the show’s stars, Caleb McLaughlin, had to ask, “Hey Sadie, do you want to talk?”

3 Millie Bobby Brown Shoved Aside Caleb McLaughlin While Receiving An Award

Caleb himself had also been at the receiving end of Millie’s tendency to interrupt people. This happened when Caleb, Sadie, and Millie went on stage at a Nickelodeon award ceremony to accept the Stranger Things award. Millie shoved Caleb aside when it was her chance to address the audience. When Millie’s turn came around, she didn’t even wait for Caleb to step aside. Instead, she took over the microphone as though there was no one around her, making Caleb almost stumble and fall in front of thousands of people.

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2 Millie Bobby Brown Was Rude To A Fan And Fellow Cast Member

Millie Bobby Brown also happens to be quite dismissive in real life. One incident that showed this was when she was extremely rude to a fan and a fellow cast member. A young actress, Audrey Hope, uploaded a video in which she shared an awful story about Millie. Audrey worked as an extra in season two of Stranger Things and was invited to a premier event with the entire cast and crew of the series. Hope was extremely excited to meet Millie, someone she thought of as an idol. When the fan spotted Millie at the event, Aubrey went up to her to ask for a photo. The actress said that Millie took one look at her and walked off, saying that she’d be back for the picture. Aubrey waited for a long time for her to come back. However, Millie never showed up.

1 Millie Bobby Brown Pulled On Her Fans A Skincare Scam

Millie decided to do a small video to share her skincare routine with her fans to promote her skincare and makeup brand Florence by Mills. However, her followers noticed Millie was only mimicking the actions of putting products on her face. As a result, she ended the video with the same amount of makeup she had on at the start, which didn’t make any sense. The young actress received massive criticism from her audience. Millie later came out and said that she believed she just had to demonstrate what her routine would look like without actually having to do it on camera. Fans were very disappointed.

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