Mythic Quest Season 3 Trailer Teases Joe Manganiello Cameo

Mythic Quest’s season 3 trailer drops during its Comic-Con 2022 panel, and teases Ian and Poppy’s new jobs and a Joe Manganiello cameo.

Apple TV+ has shared a new teaser trailer for Mythic Quest season 3 at their San Diego Comic-Con 2022 panel. Created by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s comedic geniuses Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, Mythic Quest is among the best workplace comedies on TV. The show stars McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao as Ian and Poppy, co-creative directors at a video game studio that produces the smash hit eponymous MMORPG, and it tracks the characters’ exploits as they come into conflict with their unlikely colleagues and brainstorm ideas for new expansions and launches.


Mythic Quest aired its game-changing, well-received sophomore season in May 2021, which delivered an explosive conclusion that saw Ian, Poppy, Dana (Imani Hakim), and Rachel (Ashly Burch) leave the studio in pursuit of greener pastures. For a while, there was no word on the show’s fate as McElhenny got busy with Philadelphiabut in October, Apple TV+ surprised fans when it renewed Mythic Quest for seasons 3 and 4. At that time it was indicated that season 3 would premiere in 2022, and now there is an update about the same.

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During its SDCC panel, Apple TV+ shared the first teaser trailer for Mythic Quest‘s upcoming season 3, previewing the side-splitting adventures headed fans’ way. The video explores the repercussions of Ian and Poppy’s resignation and shines a light on their new gig. The highlight of the trailer is inarguably a guest appearance from Joe Manganiello, who will likely cameo as himself as he potentially cooperates with Ian for a new game. A release date hasn’t been specified, although the trailer reveals that Mythic Quest season 3 premieres this fall.

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There is a lot to unpack in the new 80-second clip. After distancing from Mythic Quest, Ian and Poppy have launched their own company, GrimmPop Studios, but clearly, their bickering and egoistical clashes are as unabating as ever. And it seems that Dana is reassessing her decision of accepting a position with them after tirelessly arbitrating the conflicts. David (David Hornsby) is finally in charge, with Jo (Jessie Ennis) by his side, but with his abysmal leadership, it doesn’t look like he can keep the company afloat for long. Interestingly, Brad is also back from prison as a redeemed man, seemingly working as a janitor to earn an honest living. But given his previous antics, it’s clear that he is putting up an act with a sinister plan up his sleeve. Sadly there are no more inappropriate jokes from head writer CW Longbottom, as F. Murray Abraham, who plays the character, exited Mythic Quest after season 2.

With an abundance of sharp humor, crazy high jinks, and stellar performances, Mythic Quest continues its thoughtful and critical exploration of the gaming industry without losing any steam in the season 3 teaser. Of course, due to its short runtime, it’s not fully clear from the teaser how the story will progress, but it does seem that by the time Mythic Quest season 3 ends, there will be a proper resolution to Ian and Poppy’s competitive camaraderie. Either they’d learn to work past their differences and cooperate, or they would go separate ways, becoming rivals in what could possibly be the show’s endgame. Right now, the clip is focused on the boisterous fun that awaits fans, but the plot details for Mythic Quest Season 3 will come to the fore once a full-length trailer is released, along with a potential premiere date announcement.

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