New Warner Bros. CEO Reportedly Wasn’t Happy After He Found Out Why Recent Clint Eastwood Flop Was Made

Loyalty can do wonderful things when you’re in the entertainment business. However, that sort of trust can only carry you so far, and those limits have apparently been tested over at Warner Bros. With new CEO David Zaslav trying to trim the fat, and canceling the production of upcoming movies At the studio, his no-nonsense approach to running the company is in full effect. Which is why he allegedly wasn’t very happy when he found out that Clint Eastwood’s flop Cry Macho was made despite executives thinking it wouldn’t be a box office winner.


Reportedly, an early meeting between Zaslav and other studio executives revealed as much. In a piece run by The Wall Street Journal, it was mentioned that Warner Bros. brass allowed Cry Macho to be made despite an assumed loss of millions. The reasons? Apparently, not only had Eastwood been a high-profile actor/director that gave the studio massive hits like the Dirty Harry movies and Unforgiven, he never went over-budget and always came in on time. David Zaslav, unimpressed by this answer, responded with the following:

We don’t owe anyone any favors. It’s not ‘show friends,’ it’s ‘show business.’

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