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Next Exit was reviewed out of the Tribeca Film Festival, where it made its world premiere.


Watching Next Exit is heartbreaking, if only because lead actors Rahul Kohli and Katie Parker pour their souls into a movie that doesn’t work. It’s a bland hodgepodge of genres and ideas — a haphazard comedy-horror-drama about suicide, the afterlife, and reconciling past traumas — all wrapped in a tale of strangers on a road trip, who sound less like real people and more like film school first drafts in dire need of workshopping. Where it begins and where it ends up are totally disconnected, and its pit stops along the way are rarely more cohesive.

After a haunting opening scene in a dim bedroom, in which a young boy witnesses lights and shapes in the darkness which eventually takes the form of his late father, this genuinely intriguing introduction pulls out to reveal an experiment run by Dr. Stevenson (Karen Gillan), a famous scientist whose claims of discovering the afterlife have rocked society to its core — or so we’re told. News broadcasts and other indirect streams of information hint at the wider ripple effects of learning about life after death, but these are more distant implications than dramatizations.

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