NFT.NYC 2022: what is it and who should I watch?

You may be asking what is NFT.NYC 2022? The short answer, NFT.NYC 2022 is an in real life conference taking part in New York this week, proving there’s still life in the NFT art trend. NFTs aren’t just about the digital art you see people collecting online, they include access to in real life events, parties and conferences. The biggest of these in the world is NFT.NYC and it’s happening right now and will end on 23 June.


It’s been called the ‘new Woodstock’ and compared to CES. So what is NFT.NYC 2022? This is the fourth annual event that brings together hundreds of artists, musicians, filmmakers, investors and tech entrepreneurs. There are 1,500 speakers planned and an estimated 14,000 attendees spread across the week – ending in a live performance by NFT fan Madonna.

Everything is covered from how to make a successful NFT to how NFTs are developing African and Japanese art communities

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