North West Continues Giving Her Mom Grief As Kim Kardashian Opens Up About What Happened With The Christmas Card This Past Year

There’s always one headstrong kid in every family, am I right? For the Kardashian-Wests, that someone always seems to be North West. The eldest of four youngin’s is known to follow the beat of her own drum, so to speak, even if her own cousin has to call her out for certain hijinks sometimes. Moving, she apparently continues to give her mom grief in other ways as Kim Kardashian opens up about what happened with their Christmas card this past year.

As it turns out, family photo day is just as annoying to the 9-year-old as it was for me (and probably many others with multiple siblings) while growing up. The Season 1 finale of Hulu’s The Kardashians (opens in new tab) began streaming on June 16 and, in it, the show took some time away from Tristan Thompson’s bombshell pregnancy scandal coming to light to showcase lighter fare. Namely, Kim Kardashian was in the midst of wrangling all of her kids – North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm – for a matching pajama Christmas photoshoot. Of course, there were tears, pouts and most of the kiddos running amok at Kardashian’s feet while she vogued for the cameras. In a confessional, the reality star revealed:

You could never predict what our Christmas card is going to be like because it’s just so stressful. They always cry. Nobody gets along. Most of the photos I saw were unusable because North was sticking out her middle finger. It’s days like this when I really just need to lock myself in the room by myself for just a good 30 minutes. Yeah, it’s a lot. It’s just a lot being a mom.

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