Paul Bettany Defending His Wife Jennifer Connelly Is An Example Of A Major Hollywood Problem

Throughout entertainment history, there have been a select few celebrity power couples that have become rich and taken the world by storm by each other’s sides. While some celebrity power couples have come to an end in recent yearsJennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany seem like they will continue to be together for many years to come.

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Seemingly meant to be together since Paul Bettany has said Jennifer Connelly was the woman of his dreams Before they even met, the couple supports each other at every turn. While that is lovely for obvious reasons, the fact that Bettany came to Connelly’s defense in the past is a symptom of a major problem in Hollywood.


Why Jennifer Connelly Was Called Out By A Hollywood Powerbroker

Since Jennifer Connelly has been a movie star since she was in her teens, a lot of people may think that she has led an extremely cushy life. In a lot of ways, that is true. After all, Connelly is worth $50 million according to celebritynetworth.com, people bend over backward to make famous people like her happy, and she has been at the top of her chosen craft for years. On top of all that, Connelly has rubbed elbows with stars for years and she has attended the Toronto International Film Festival many times including with her husband Paul Bettany at times.

Even though there is no question that being a movie star like Jennifer Connelly has a lot of fringe benefits, it also is true that it has its downside as well. For example, movie stars like Connelly have to play the game by dealing with difficult actors and schmoozing with Hollywood powerbrokers if they want their careers to survive.

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In 2009, Jennifer Connelly became the subject of a lot of gossip after an industry powerbroker called her out. After Connelly’s 2009 film Creation premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, an official after-party was held. After making a brief appearance at that gathering, Connelly made her exit which Astral Media President John Riley obviously thought wasn’t ok. As a result, Riley ripped up a photo of Connelly in front of party guests while declaring Connelly was his “former favorite actress”.

The Aftermath After Jennifer Connelly Was Humiliated By A Hollywood Executive

After Astral Media President John Riley ripped up a photo of Jennifer Connelly, it didn’t take long for news of the incident to spread. As a result, when Connelly appeared at a press conference designed to promote her film Creation the following day, she felt the need to address what happened.

As Connelly explained why she left the after-party early, she was emotional and reportedly cried. “I had to leave early because yesterday was the first anniversary of my father’s death. And I’m very sorry. I would have loved to have stayed longer but was not able to. So please accept my apology.” On top of Jennifer Connelly’s explanation, her husband Paul Bettany came to her defense.

“Anniversaries are big things and first anniversaries are huge, so you need to have time to think about those things. And then the day had run away with us and robbed her of it, and I wanted her to get a little bit of that back. And so I said, ‘I don’t think we should stay at the party. I think we should get home, and let you be on your own. And take your heels off.’ And we were advised that was absolutely fine as long as we came to do the press line and turn up at the party.

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“I think she’s devastated that she might have caused any offence. That’s a big thing for her to say (publicly). She’s an intensely private person. She would never sort of reveal the meaning of it (her absence), except she thought she had caused offence at TIFF and to the host of the party.”

Why Paul Bettany Defending Jennifer Connelly Is An Example Of A Major Hollywood Problem

Throughout Jennifer Connelly’s lengthy career in Hollywood, it has been incredible to see how talented she is as a performer. On top of that, Connelly’s ability to always carry herself with poise is truly impressive. That said, the fact that Connelly is always expected to be perfect is disturbing especially when you think of all the volatile male movie stars whose careers continue unhindered.

For years on end, everyone knew that Charlie Sheen was extremely problematic and poorly behaved. Despite that, he never had an industry executive rip up a picture of him and it wasn’t until his antics reached a critical mass that he was fired from Two and a Half Men. Even after Sheen’s infamous meltdown, he was given the chance to star in the TV show Anger Management. With that in mind, it clearly is wrong that Jennifer Connelly leaving a party early caused so much controversy that her husband felt compelled to publicly defend her.

After Jennifer Connelly explained why she left the aforementioned after-party early, Astral Media President John Riley put out a statement about the incident. Considering that virtually everyone saw Riley as the bad guy in the situation, whether his statement was sincere or damage control is up to debate.

According to John Riley’s statement, his “remarks and actions were completely in jest and were an attempt to bring humour to an awkward situation, where our guests were anticipating [meeting Connelly and Bettany]. I was in no way serious when I made the comments, and the ripping of the picture was for effect. I sincerely regret if Ms. Connelly was saddened by my actions as I certainly didn’t wish to detract from the premiere of her film at the festival. Clearly, I was unaware of Ms. Connelly’s personal situation and, having lost my own father four months ago, I have great empathy for how difficult an anniversary such as this can be. I continue to be a tremendous fan of hers and hope that she will take my words and actions in the light-hearted spirit in which they were intended and not give this matter another minute of consideration.”

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