People Share Their Wildest Encounters With Celebrities

“Florence Welch ran straight into me at full force while singing ‘Delilah.'”

On Wednesday, Twitter user @cfree94 asked people, “What’s the strangest interaction you’ve had with a celebrity (online or in person)?”

what’s the strangest interaction you’ve ever had with a celebrity (online or in person)

Twitter: @cfree94

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People came through with some of the most random encounters with the following:


Britney Spears:

@cfree94 I ruined my hair with way too much gel, it was ugly AF, Britney turn to me and she’s like OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR CAN I TOUCH’EM!!! #BlessedByHollySearit

Twitter: @Enzocuban


Dennis Rodman:

@cfree94 Dennis Rodman came into the gay nightclub I managed at 4PM. He asked that we only listened to Sublime. Then he made his girlfriend cry and sat at the bar telling me he was a bad boyfriend. He would only drink Kamikaze shots. His friend tired to buy my phone charger for 10 dollars

Twitter: @KilgoreEthan


Florence Welch:

@cfree94 Florence Welch ran straight into me at full force while singing Delilah and sprinting across the floor at her Nashville show. I haven’t known peace since that moment.

Twitter: @ianmcnabb08


Ana Gasteyer:

@cfree94 When I met Ana Gastayer and was chatting and said “Good times,” which was a reference to the public radio skit she did with Molly Shannon. She gave me a hateful look and walked off 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️

Twitter: @briansh75


Christopher Lee:

@cfree94 Nah. But I will give you this. The late Christopher Lee pulled the “do you know who I am?” on me to jump the line. I said “Yes Mr. Lee I know who you are, now back to end of the line please.”

Twitter: @grumpyfag


Faye Dunaway/Jeremy Piven:

@cfree94 I was a CPT at a privately owned gym in Weho. Tons of celebrities. Faye Dunnaway decided to have a Diva moment with me. After inviting me to sit next to her, a moment later she told me to leave her alone. And Jeremy Piven randomly got in my face and told me to fuck off.

Twitter: @MiVidaE



this was inspired by remembering one of my friends saying her classmate met lorde once during her first album’s era in a shop holding a purse that was full of nothing but ring pops and refusing pictures or with anyone becuase she was on a “private friendly vacation” ”

Twitter: @cfree94


Summer Glau:

@cfree94 Summer Glau (Firefly) in a TSA line. Her husband got pulled aside for a pat down and she said how it always happened to him and we had a nice chat. This was just after a convention so I didn’t let on that I knew who she was bc I figured she was low on spoons. It was surreal.

Twitter: @Dastion

@cfree94 She accused me of cutting and I told her I wasn’t trying to cut, I was trying to get out of the way of her enormous rolley bag. We both yelled a little bit so I guess it’s a draw?

Twitter: @BrianJMoylan


Millie Bobby Brown:

@cfree94 I met El from stranger things after season two. She was wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap trying not to be recognized and ran into us cause she “really had to find the loo” and didn’t want to be spotted! She took a pic with us since she literally ran into us backstage ❤️

Twitter: @jd_crooks


Patrick Dempsey:

@cfree94 I once went through tsa precheck, road an escalator, and took an airport shuttle next to Patrick Dempsey. He kept looking over at me because of my height. I don’t do well with celebs so I never said anything but he spent 15 minutes with me during that whole time

Twitter: @TheKenObi_


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann:

@cfree94 I was pulled in by a coworker to ring up a sale before going through so that we could find out if the customer would have to pay sales tax on shipping. She didn’t have to and was very nice and patient about it, BUT IT WAS MICHELE BACHMANN!

Twitter: @Jakeyin612


Adam Scott:

@cfree94 Adam Scott at the Governors Ball (internship I had). A friend & I bumped into him accidentally to which he stared both of us down, we apologized, congratulated him on the Emmy nom for Parks (which was their last ever nom and lost 😬) & he gave us a dead glare & nudged past..oops

Twitter: @aid0potato


Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims:

@cfree94 After a couple drinks at an event I saw/walked up to Brian Sims & after chatting briefly/telling him how much of a fan I was, it dawned on me as I walked away that my slightly tipsy ass was still shirtless & in a harness/ho outfiting myself to a politician I embarrassed 🙈

Twitter: @gnerdalert

Now it’s your turn! Let me know your strangest encounter with a celeb in the comments below!

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