Polk details parental-permission process for 16 challenged books

Ellen Hopkins'

Parents who want to allow their students to read any of the 16 books in Polk school libraries that were challenged by a conservative group will need to opt their students in using an online form, according to a process presented at a School Board work session Tuesday.


Superintendent Frederick Heid on Tuesday presented his procedures for parents to opt in or opt out of letting their students to read certain books. The 16 books in question were recently reviewed by district review committees after the books’ content was called pornographic or harmful by school board members and a local group.

The School Board did not need to vote on Heid’s process, and little conversation was spent on the procedure.

“There is no vote on that,” Heid said. “There is nothing else coming before the board, We have talked about that topic ad nauseum for the past six to eight months.”

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