‘Rhymosaurs’ books teaching life lessons through dinosaurs, hip-hop

Dinosaurs and hip-hop are teaching children life lessons from Brooklyn, New York, to Stockton, California.

Orlando Molina aka MC Zeps, author and creator of “Rhymosaurs,” mixes dinosaurs and hip-hop in his kid’s book series to teach lessons based on aspects of his own life and of his kids.

Tyler Rex the... Two-O-Ninosaur book cover.

The Brooklyn-born and raised hip-hop MC’s first book called “Brush Your Teeth Rex” was created in New York. The story follows Tommy Rex as he finds a way to brush his teeth with his small arms.

A book inspired by Molina’s own life as he neglected to go to the dentist for many years, leading to surgery and a lot of dental work done.

“I said ‘let me write a book about keeping your teeth clean so that other kids don’t have to go through that,'” Molina said.

Tyler Rex the...Two-O-Ninosaur.

The inspiration for the kid’s book series came as Molina’s wife became pregnant with his daughter Sultana, now 5-years-old. He wanted to find a new way to work with hip-hop and incorporate it into his new life as a dad.

“I felt like I needed to do hip-hop for my soon-to-be daughter …” Molina said. “So, that’s how I came up with the concept of writing a children’s book, and mixing it with dinosaurs was when my wife was pregnant.”

Before dinosaurs, Molina tried using characters such as aliens, robots, and monsters but none of them made sense to Molina.

“I felt like kids love dinosaurs,” he said.

A page of the

The rest of the series, books two, three, and four, came out of Stockton.

His second book, “Tara Takes Flight,” was also inspired by Molina’s life. Molina recalls his mother sending him and his brother to Puerto Rico to visit their father. They would travel alone and the flight attendants would take care of them until they landed.

“It’s kind of about a young me, who’s scared to fly,” Molina said.

“Try, Sarah Tops,” the third book of the series, is about a picky eater. Molina, who was a picky eater as a child, is trying to teach his kids to not be picky eaters.

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