She-Hulk Becomes a Dungeons & Dragons Player Character in New Fan Art

Freelance comic book artist and illustrator Frost Llamzon places Marvel’s She-Hulk in the world of Dungeons & Dragons with extraordinary fanart.


Marvel and Dungeons & Dragons are two of the most famous properties in the world right now, and the two are even better when they are combined. That’s exactly what has happened thanks to freelance comic book artist and illustrator Frost Llamzon. In a remarkable fan art posted on Twitter, Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk enters the Forgotten Realms.

For those that don’t know, Dungeons and Dragons is the original role-playing game. It allows players to conjure up and take control of imaginary characters of various races, classes, backgrounds, and alignments to go on wacky and wild adventures. Frost Llamzon has created a version of She-Hulk that translates the attributes and traits of the favorite Marvel fan character into aspects of the role-playing party game.


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On Twitter, Frost Llamzon provides information for both Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk as D&D characters. As Jennifer, she is described as Lady Walters: The Cursed Courtier, a lawful good cleric of the Order domain. She is drawn dressed in a white and purple dress, hair tied up in a tight bun, and holding a pair of spectacles up to her eyes. As She-Hulk, her appearance takes on a drastic change, while her attributes slightly differ. Referred to as her Accursed form, she becomes a neutral good Goliath fighter known as the Emerald Empress. As a Goliath, she is like a giant at almost twice the size of her human form, and like her comic book counterpart, has emerald skin. She shows off her strength by holding the base of broken column and her hair falls freely.

With this fan art, a player has almost everything they would need to play as She-Hulk in a campaign. All that’s left to do is roll up some stats (make sure that highest roll is reserved for Strength) and then they’re ready to go. But what if someone wanted to play as another Marvel character that wasn’t She-Hulk? They’re in luck! Frost labels the She-Hulk character as the 15th batch of a D&D X comic book character crossover fan project. Several Marvel and DC characters have been given D&D-ified versions, and they are all showcased on Frost Llamzon’s Twitter page.

Seeing She-Hulk as well as several other characters become Dungeons & Dragons characters takes the whimsical nature of comic books and combines them with the call for adventure. Shoutout to Frost Llamzon for the awesome fan artand highly consider playing as She-Hulk in your next campaign.

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Source: Frost Llamzon

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