Shop the “Little Miss” Instagram trend with Mr. Men merch

Are you “Little Miss Social Media” on all things trending?

If yes, then chances are you’ve been bombarded with Little Miss memes, all over your Instagram and Facebook feeds.

If you don’t remember, the adorable, colorful, animated figures are from a collection of cartoons called Mr. Men and Little Missoriginally from British children’s books by Roger Hargreaves and later his son, Adam Hargreaves.

However, it was far after the 1971 publish date that the Little Miss characters started popping up all over social media. In the early 2000s, Facebook posts one would tag all their friends as the characters and wear all of the merchandise sold at outlets like Limited Too and Justice, to the delight — and maybe some horror of parents with middle schoolers.

An array of Little Miss characters

Now, instead of tagging your Facebook friends, people are flocking to Instagram to post which Little Miss relates to them the most, using old cartoons like “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Little Miss Chatterbox,” while also creating their own memes for the current day and age, like “Little Miss Drinks Iced Coffee In The Winter” and “Little Miss Uses The Notes App On Instagram” to name a few.

While we know the lingo of “Mr.” for men and “Little” for women may be quite dated, the Gen Z crowd is certainly emracing the humor and taking this trend into 2022.

Since throwback style and retro trends are all the rage these days, we wanted to see if we could find any Little Miss merch, and found a few stickers, styles and accessories that will turn anyone into “Little Miss Only Speaks In Trending Memes”

A Little Miss Sunshine phone case

This is for those that can relate to “Little Miss Never Puts Her Phone Down.”

This Casetify limited-edition launch could have come at a better time, featuring phone cases and other accessories with the OG Mr. Man and Little Miss characters in a fun summer camping setting.

“Mr. Men Little Miss are ready to check out for summertime. Join your favorites, from Mr. Happy to Little Miss Sunshine, as they embark on their camping trip. Whether your vibe is goofy or girly, there’s a Mr. Men Little Miss for you!” reads the product page.

A side by side of Little Miss Sunshine and that image on a hat
Sandro Paris

Designer fashion, meet Little Miss.

This collaboration with Sandro Paris is a fun and fashionable one. Starring the original Men and Little Misses icons, find options for men and women, spanning hats, pants, sweatshirts, accessories and more.

A white tee with

Sometimes a tee can really say it all.

Head over the Mr. Man and Little Miss storefront on Amazon for a wide array of options. Opt for classics like “Little Miss Fabulous” and ”Mr. Cool” and choose your favorite color as well.

Two Little Miss books next to each other

Get back to where it all started with the original books.

Target has almost everything in the collection, including the classics by Roger Hargreaves and also later books by his son, Adam Hargreaves. Shop the set and then introduce the beloved blobs to the next generation.

A woman in a black streetwear sweatshirt

Take Mr. Man and Little Miss to the streets with this collection sold on Farfetch.

The GCDS brand, standing for “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear”, is a super trendy one, so it makes sense that they have a Little Miss collection. We love this sweatshirt that is an homage to the Facebook posts of the early 2000’s, as well as the white hoodie and classic Y2K denim skirt.

A water bottle with a sticker that says

Stick to your personality and embrace every part of it.

These stickers are made by different designers and sold on RedBubble, the perfect platform for trending memes and viral moments. There are plenty to choose from, and prices start at just a dollar, in some cases, so be sure to stock up.

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