SKID ROW Releases ‘Tear It Down’ Single From ‘The Gang’s All Here’ Album

SKID ROW has released the official music video for “Tear It Down”the second single from the band’s upcoming studio album, “The Gang’s All Here”which will arrive on October 14 via earMUSIC.

Commented SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan: “‘Tear It Down’ is about breaking down barriers, because coexisting isn’t about building walls, it’s about getting rid of them.”

The video, produced by Take 2 Productions / Rosey Mediawas filmed in SKID ROW‘s former home state of New Jersey and perfectly captures the raw and gritty nature of the band’s music.

SKID ROW recorded most of “The Gang’s All Here” in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Nick Raskulineczwho has previously worked with FOO FIGHTERS, STONE SOUR, HALESTORM, EVANESCENCE, RUSH and ALICE IN CHAINSamong many others.

In May, SKID ROW shared the music video for “The Gang’s All Here” title track.

“By the fans, for the fans!” was the mantra for “The Gang’s All Here” video, as SKID ROW called upon its loyal and dedicated fanbase to help create the video by submitting live footage and photos from SKID ROW‘s recent 2022 concerts, as well as behind-the-scenes rehearsal moments. The video is a testament to the power SKID ROW has both on and off stage, as well as the chemistry within the band and with their fans.

‘The Gang’s All Here’for me, represents the brotherhood of this band,” said guitarist Scotti Hill. And with the addition of [new singer] Eric [Grönwall], our bond is more solid than ever. Our fans have always been part of the family, so when it was time to shoot a video, we handed the camera work over to them. After all, they have the best perspective to capture the excitement of a SKID ROW show.”

“The Gang’s All Here” track listing:

01. Hell Or High Water
02. The Gang’s All Here
03. Not Dead Yet
04. Time Bomb
05. Resurrected
06. Nowhere Fast
07. When The Lights Come On
08. Tear It Down
09. October’s Song
10. World’s On Fire

Gronwall joined SKID ROW in January as the replacement for ZP Theaterwho had been in the group for more than six years. Theart played his final gig with SKID ROW in February before being officially given the boot.

Gronwall was a member of the Swedish hard rock band HEAT with whom he recorded four studio albums — “Address The Nation” (2012),“Tearing Down The Walls” (2014),“Into The Great Unknown” (2017) “HEAT II” (2020) — before exiting the group in October 2020.

Gronwall was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March 2021. Six months later, he announced that he was cancer free after receiving a bone marrow transplant in August. “Some anonymous wonderful human being somewhere in the world donated his/her blood cells so that I could get a second chance at life,” he told Headbangers Lifestyle in January. “Sometimes I can just get tears in my eyes when I think about it. It’s so beautiful that one person who is not connected to me in any way wanted to do that for me. He/she doesn’t know that the blood cells were for me. It’s completely anonymous.”

last september, Gronwall released his cover version of “18 And Life” via all streaming platforms.

In 2018, Gronwall debuted in the US for 10 million viewers in NBC‘s live broadcast of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s and Tim Rice‘s musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Along with John Legend, Alice Cooper, Sarah Bareilles and others, Eric played the key role of Simon Zealotes.

Bolan recently told Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station about Gronwall‘s addition to the band: “Just the way he does things and his work ethic is one I’ve never seen other than the four of us that are already in the band. He just doesn’t stop until he gets things absolutely right Whether it’s his version, what he thinks is right, or what we think is right, he works hard — he works hard. takes care of his instrument and that takes pride in his craft.”

Rachel also expressed on SKID ROW‘s first live performance with Gronwallsaying: “Honestly, dude, from the minute he opened his mouth… His timing is impeccable. We knew it was gonna be cool. And each show has even gotten better, ’cause we’re learning each other’s rhythm on stage. When I walked away from that show, I said to Eric, I go, ‘This was show one. I cannot wait for show one hundred. It’s gonna be amazing.””

Bolan previously talked about how Eric came to join SKID ROW during an appearance on an episode of SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation LA Invasion”recorded just hours before SKID ROW‘s first performance with the Swedish singer. “We toured together. HEAT was on tour with SKID ROW. What year was that? ’18? And we’d hear him every night from the dressing room,” he said. “And a couple of times, I was, like, ‘Man, listen to this guy sing. He’s phenomenal.’ And then, I forget who told me, someone that was with us, ‘Yeah, he won ‘Idol’ in Sweden.’ And I was, like, ‘Man, he’s got pipes.’ And I was listening. Then I went behind the monitor board a couple of times. And in my head, I’m, like, ‘Wow! When SKID ROW has some downtime, I’m gonna get in touch with this dude and start a side project with him.’ And obviously, that never happened. But as time went on and we got to the point to where we were with ZP and stuff, Eric was our first… I told Snake, I go, ‘We’ve gotta check this guy out.’ And along with Snake and the rest of the guys, and Nickour producer, Nick Raskulinecz, were, like, ‘He’s the guy, man. Send him some songs.’ So we sent him some songs that we were recording, just with a guide vocal on it, and it came back about 24 hours later, and we were, like, ‘All right. He’s the guy. Get him on a plane. Let’s do this.”

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